In the market for an amplifier, suggestions please

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  1. Richard.J

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    Nov 1, 2002
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    First off, I want to say that I'm new here, and I hope to learn a lot from your wonderful community. I've just started my (serious) foray into home audio (I've been doing car audio for years), so I hope you can help me do this right.

    My current stereo consists of the following:

    - harman/kardon AVR 55 receiver (55 watts x 5)
    - Definitive Technology BP 10B speakers
    - Definitive Technology PROSUB100 10" subwoofer
    - Kimber Kable PBJ inteconnects, Monster XP-HT speaker wire
    - Sony DVP-NS755V DVD Video / Super Audio CD player

    I just feel like I'm not giving my speakers enough power, so I'd like to add a separate amplifier. I honestly don't know what to give you for a budget, as I've never been amplifier shopping, but I'm sure based on my other components you can recommend something that fits in with my current system.

    Also note that this stereo will be primarily for music. I watch the occasional movie and play games on it, but I'm in too small of a room to consider a multi-channel setup for the moment.

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. Guy Usher

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    Your HKs 55 watts are "real watts' probally outpreform other recievers in the 100 watt range.
    BP10s if they are the ones I am thinking of (used to own the original BP20s and BP10s) if so then you don't have enough power, especially if you are going to drive it "full range" Chop off the bass with a good Xover and you are OK.
    If I were to buy an amp I would look at multiple 2 channel ones (3 stereo amps) better power supply and in the long run less expensive, certainly more versatile.
    I would even look at used amps (they either work or they don't) as good amps last a long long time. I have an old 70x2 Marantz that is almost 30 years old and with the exception of a new power switch it has never been touched. I still use it on a reg basis, when the switch was bad I left it on for almost 10 years.
    Long story short, there are similaritys (SP) between home and car audio so you are not a total newcomer. I would look for high damping,150-200WPC, a good name like Adcom, Anthem, Rotel, Accurus, etc.
  3. Brandon_M_S

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    Sep 16, 2002
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  4. Matthew Anderson

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    Sep 24, 2000
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    Matthew Anderson
    I have the ATI 1502 2 channel amp and it works really well for music.
  5. Rob Rodier

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    Jul 11, 2002
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    These will give you an idea of the kind of preowned gear there is out there. All of these will provide you with more power and better sound. There is a ton of choices on audiogon. You should check it out.
    BTW, The guy selling the Adcom at the bottom is selling is practically giving it away.
    Acurus A250
    Bryston 3b NRB
    Adcom 555MKII
    good luck
  6. Chu Gai

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    what does

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