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May 28, 2002
First off, I'm only 16 and by no means am as educated about Home Theaters as the majority on this forum. Anyway, with the disclaimer out of the way, I have a couple questions. In school the other day they had a VCR hooked up to a projector and were projecting it onto the overhead screen. So, if I had a projector, could I hook my DVD up to it and use it like they were in school? Also, would I need to buy a screen, or could I just use a white wall? and how much would this stuff cost used (I'm sure new it would be out of my league)? I recently (year or so) got into DVDs is the reason I ask. My setup

Brandon Blair

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May 28, 2002
You can hook up your DVD to certain projectors and a lot of people use some really high quality projectors for their DVD, TV, and Computer screen, its some really cool stuff. I'm by no means an expert and just starting to learn about these types of projectors, but the shop here in Birmingham i use carries 3 levels of projectors by Dream Vison (very hi-end stuff) that range from $7,000 to $15,000. I'm sure you can get them much cheaper, but i really wouldn't know which brand to recomend. I'm also pretty sure you would want to buy a screen to go along with it, as i would imagine it would distort the picture if you projected it onto a white wall.

Jeff Leeds

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Aug 10, 1999
You can hook a DVD up to most projectors but I think the cheapest ones you're gonna find are going to cost in the 3-4k range. Better off with a bigger TV or a car for that price at 16 years of age. Plus you mostly certainly would want a screen as well and those are pricy too.

Stick to a sealed tube for now is my advice...now if you can borrow the projector from school for a weekend, see if you're parents have an old movie projector screen lying around in the garage and have some fun.

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