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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by WillLA, May 24, 2006.

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    Hey about a year ago I was reading the HT mag. and came across a DVD player that held 400 DVDs and it and a 10'' touch screen remote that could display the DVDs info, watch preview or hole title as well and browse the internet ect.... This player was also able to run in series meaning that you can connect another player for a 800 DVD library.
    If anyone has any info that would help....
    and if this is in the forum sorry..

    O and If I can't find that or another player then I was looking into the media player that burn you DVDs into a hard drive like this if anyone has built one any info would help as well...
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    the new mega changes can not be "daisy chained" easily, you would need additional hardware. This is a feature that has been lost over the years on these type of changes. But what has been added is HDMI, and for the ES series, a RS-232 port that would allow you some additional options (for a price).

    The remote is a different story. Yes, there are some that can do this, and it takes a little work, but once setup, you are good to go. I use DVDProfiler to keep my list of DVD's with the appropriate slot number assigned, as the user interface on these megachanger lack a lot to be desired. I just set my 400 megachanger up last weekend. It is the CX995 model, as I opted to have the changer with HDMI rather than RS-232 port. The picture is great. The CX995 has a few known issues with the user interface, but none that bother me, and none that effect the picture being displayed. I could use another changer, as I still have about 300 DVD's in cases, but it did clear off a lot of shelf space. I have a very convienant storage for them, no handling them, no getting up to find a movie that is already loaded up, and a great picture.. I'm happy.

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