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May 22, 2002
Hello everybody, This is my first post here and I was hoping that some of you could help me in choosing a quality Audio system. AT present my system consists of the following equipment:
1) Sony STR-D1011 FM Stereo Receiver W/Dolby Pro Logic 120 watt per channel
2) Bose Acoustimass-7
I purchased the Sony back in 1995 mainly because it featured various sonic environments such as "Jazz Club", "Theater", etc. Obviously now I realize I'm completely missing out on the Digital experience and am only getting half the sound when I watch my DVD's in stereo. As for the Bose system, I fell victim to the hype of Bose being the best, but after hearing other speaker systems, reading some info posted on this site to the contrary, and experienced distortion in the Acoustic mode when listening to Depeche Mode's "Ultra" album, I've since rescinded that judgment.

I'm looking to keep my costs at no more than $1,000 for the receiver, and $1,500 for the speaker set up. What I need out of a receiver is something that is primarily used for the enjoyment of music as well as home theater DVD viewing, and a speaker set up capable of handling the output while delivering a clear high end, full mid levels, and deep low end. I'd like to steer clear of home theater speaker packages as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again everybody!!!

Jacques C

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 28, 2001
I would shy away from the Onkyos at the moment. Reports abound that with 5 speakers driven these new models put out very little wattage (35Wx5).

Good news is you should be able to offload the Acoustimass for good money.

For a receiver, you have some great choices. On the lower end you have the Outlaw 1050 ($500?). Very solid piece of gear, only things it is missing is DTS-ES and DPLII. I currently own it and am thrilled with it. On the high end you can get a Sony DA5ES for $800 or so (Oade carries it). Has every imaginable audio format and extremely flexible bass management options.

For speakers, that is a very personal choice. Good values from Paradigm, PSB, Polk, and others. For a sub, the Sony 12" one people talk about around here is a great choice if you modify it the way people are here. If you can do DIY, then that $1500 can go a loooong way. ;-)

Hope it helps.

Jeffrey Forner

Jun 19, 1999
Actually, Joe, you can get that Diva speaker package for a lot less. They're still selling it in a special package that gives you the 2.1s for free when you buy a pair of 4.1s and a C3. I bought that exact same Diva system for a total of ~$1,300 shipped. :)
That means he can take that extra $400 and put it towards an SVS 20-39PCi or anSVS 16-46PCi, which are currently on sale for $549 and $599 respectively.
In addition to those receivers already mentioned, take a look at the Denon 1802. I've read good things about that unit. It should offer ample processing and power for that system.
Finally, let me just say that I cannot recommend the Divas strongly enough. I have had them since January and I continue to be amazed at their sound. I guarantee you, if you buy these speakers and pair them with an SVS PCi, you will be in home theater heaven. And if you're not, shoot me an e-mail telling me I'm full of crap. :)

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