In-floor Dayton Subwoofers

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    I am considering installing a pair of these in my rear seating riser, DLS HOME AUDIO-INFLOOR SUBWOOFERS #300-445 from WWW.PARTSEXPRESS.COM I really want some significant BOOOOM in the room. In addition I will be using three pair (six total) AURA PRO SHAKERS in my Berkline CinemaSeries seating, along with a VELODYNE 1200 sub....which I may upgrade to a SVS subwoofer soon.
    These look rather unique and would be easy to install as I have not yet carpeted my riser project. The INFLOOR subs ($100) plus a 125w Sub Plate amp ($80) sounds like good deal for a speciality sub unit that would blend seamlessly into my dedicated HT.
    What do you think? Are these quality drivers? Specs seem to be fair enough.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Any advice aprreciated!
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    I don't think you'll want to bother with them. The more subs you place in different locations in your room, the harder it will be to get a good response from them. Piles of interations with the room and other subs to deal with. Since you mention cutting into your riser I'll assume you have some basic wood working tools and skills. If this is the case I would highly recommend building your own sub enclosure. Definately the most bang for the buck. This link shows a number of different projects and designs people have built.
    If this intrigues you, then head to the DIY/Advanced section of this forum and do some more reading.
    If you want some serious boom for the buck I'd recommend a pair of Adire Audio Tempest drivers (about $300). Place them in a sonotube around 480L with a pair of 6" PVC ports tuning it to 16hz. Then get a nice two channel pro amp ($200-$1000 depending on what you get and whether it is used or not). Say another $100-$200 for the enclosure materials. The result will be a sub that could compete with a pair of SVS Ultras.

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