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In-ceiling speaker suggestions needed (1 Viewer)

Mike Matheson

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Jul 15, 2000
A friend of mine is in the midst of having his house remodeled. His living room / HT room will be about 16' long by 13' wide with 8' ceilings. Windows wrap around two sides of the room. At one end of the room will be a built-in cabinet area with a video display, electronics, the front speakers, etc. The rear of the room will have a sofa and several other chairs virtually against the back wall. The sub will be positioned back in this area (something like an SVS PB1-ISD, Hsu VTF-3, etc.). The electronics will be low- to mid-level gear (Denon 280x/380x or similar). Front speakers will be something like Rocket RS250's for mains with an RSC200 or 100 center, Axiom Audio M22ti mains plus VP150 center, or similar.

The problem--we're having a tough time figuring out how to handle the rear/surround sound. Given that the chairs/sofa will basically be against the rear wall, coupled with the difficulty (and lack of SAF) for mounting boxes pointing downward from corners or sides, our thought right now is to try to make do with in-ceiling speakers.

So--can anyone recommend good in-ceiling speakers that are less than $600 per speaker?

Also, any thoughts on using 2 vs 3 vs 5 in-ceiling speakers (for rears vs. rears & rear center vs. rears & rear center & side surrounds)? Would the benefits/effects be noticeable, or muddied?

Thanks in advance,


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