in ceiling or in wall or combination, dilemma, on new build

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by johnwalkley, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Hi specialists and enthusiasts, I have a dilemma,
    I install basic systems for my customers and aesthetics generally rule speaker setups. AKA “the wife”
    I’m building at the moment, and with my current basic system I struggle to hear dialogue over other audio, and it drives me crazy. I would really like to get it right for myself in the new pad.
    I have attached a floor/wall plan for the dimensions of my lounge; I will be mounting a led slightly higher than 1m and seating approx. 4m from the TV.
    I am toying with a few options. One being Having all ceiling fronts, centre and rears, but having directional fronts like the Jensen oval ones or the pivoting tweet and cone of the klipsh range, however I am not too keen on the klipsh price, any views on this setup would be appreciated, the ceiling height is 3 meters/ 10 foot high.
    The other thought i had was. The wife is not too keen on wall speakers, but if we have to, to have an awesome sounding system then so be it, but if I put a centre behind the TV and also a directional above and run them together would that help.
    I’m just really after some ideas or views about what others would do in my situation to create an optimal system; I would really appreciate your input,
    Thank you
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    Why don't you buy this...
    And mount it directly to the bottom of the TV.
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    In-ceiling speakers really aren't a good idea for the fronts or center. Vocals coming from the ceiling just won't sound right. But we all understand the WAF factor and compromises have to be made. In-ceilings for the surrounds isn't nearly as bad, especially the directional kind (and most in-ceiling/in-wall speakers at least have directional tweeters).
    A good sound bar for the fronts and center coupled with in-ceiling surrounds is an option if in-wall's for the fronts isn't.
    Push for the in-wall's. Paint them the same color as the walls and you'll hardly notice them. They will be worth it. And using two center speakers, one behind the display and one above it, might not be a good idea either. Again, vocals coming from two seperate places won't sound right. But then again, I certainly haven't tried your suggestion so who knows? But I'd be shocked if it sounded acceptable. If you were going to put a speaker(s) in the ceiling above the display in addition to a center speaker elsewhere then I'd hook the in-ceiling(s) to the Front Heigth channels found on newer receivers. That what they're designed for.
    Check and for decent in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and good prices.

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