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    Okay, it's not a great movie, but I like most of "Impromptu" anyway and I think Judy Davis and Hugh Grant are tops in it. I've wanted to have this on dvd, hoping only for the basics - a good anamorphic transfer and good sound.

    First, I read at dvdfile that the disc is one of seven "Avant-Garde Cinema" titles (how does this trifle of a romantic comedy qualify for that banner anyway?) that MGM is releasing on 3/19. Of the seven, two won't have anamorphic transfers. Yep, just my luck - "Impromptu" won't be anamorphic. ("Angels and Insects" is the other, btw)

    Now, I read over at dvdreview that not only will it not be anamorphic, but it will be in MONO. If a film was originally meant to be heard that way, bring it on! But folks, I saw this movie in the cinema, I taped it when it aired on PBS, and I have been holding on for ages to the laserdisc - all STEREO.

    It's a cheap price tag but I'm gonna take a pass. It's looking like one of MGM's rush jobs already.
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    Actually, I thought this was one the best, most

    inventive romantic comedies --though there is so much

    more to it than that,

    that to reduce it to "romantic comedy" is a

    bit of a disservice)ever made. And the fact

    that it is based on the real lives of Madame George Sand,

    and Fredric Chopin only enhances my love for it.

    The real-life gender-bending is quite a nice twist

    too, and again, taken from real life: Chopin was

    a priss, and Sand was tough as any guy.

    And they were happy together for quite some time.

    In real life Sand's daughter caused some

    tension between them, and they broke up after being

    together about 8 years. Chopin died shortly thereafter.

    And the cast is superb:

    Hugh Grant

    Emma Thompson

    Julian Sands

    Mandy Patinkin

    Bernatdette Peters

    Judy Davis,

    the acting, directing and so on are top notch!

    And, I know I do not dismiss it as a "trifle." It

    plays on some wonderful sexual politics, as well

    as tapping into the mentally lazy social elites, and

    the arrogance of the artists of the day.

    (I am also a fan of the painter Delecroix, who is

    also featured as a main support character for Sand.)

    And the dialogue has some of the best lines in cinema.

    "...And I have never been able to stay in love...I want too much..."

    "I am not full of noble qualities and virtues, I love that is all, but I love strongly, exclusively, steadfastly."

    It is sad that this film, which has an AR of 1.66:1

    is not getting an anamorphic transfer, because really

    all films 1.66:1 or greater really benefit from such

    a treatment.

    I saw Siskel & Ebert raving about this film, but

    I was still in the mindset that costum dramas were

    all so dreadfully serious, and when I finally saw it

    on lowly VHS, I found myself most upset that I had never

    seen it in the theaters, and never widescreen, which

    the film looks like it was Pan-And-Scan on VHS, since

    the camera pulls back for the credits at the end to

    prevent chopping them off.

    So, this will be my first time seeing this film AR,

    and yes, it is too bad, but ya, nkow this film is

    just too good to pass up.

    I feel lucky I am getting it on DVD at all.

  3. PatrickL

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    May 13, 2000
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    Posts that come back to haunt 'ya! [​IMG]
    Mark, since I posted about this months ago, I've seen a couple of sites list the disc as Stereo, and this makes me more receptive to a purchase. As I said, I do like the movie, on balance, and would like it in my collection. I am holding out until it is reviewed, because if MGM used an old transfer, I think I can make do with the LD.
    Does anyone have the dvd yet?
  4. Ted Todorov

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    Aug 17, 2000
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