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  1. Wayne Cook

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    Dec 9, 2001
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    Is it possible to build a small 8" sub, in a less than 1 cubic foot enclosure, that will perform adequately at moderate levels?
    I know the answer will be no, build a 12" and turn it down, but that isn't what I want to hear [​IMG].
    I know that a sub has to move a lot of air but I am talking something that has to be small yet will give a bit more of a punch than the current small 4" front speakers provide. Yes it's in a small room and the listening levels are not at all loud. it's just to give a senior a bit more enjoyment while they watch their movies.
    Is this impossible? If so what would you recommend?
    thanks in advance for your comments.
    if you think this is better posted in the DIY forum please move it.
  2. NathanP

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    Aug 13, 2001
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    Hey Wayne,

    A pal of mine took some scrap wood and an extra 8" woofer and built his own sub in just an hour or two..

    We call it the "little box o' boom", it does do quite a nice job..

    You could probably buy it from him, get pictures, or instructions!

    His user name here on the HTF is RyanT


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