Impedance Mixing?

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    Hi all...

    I'm seriously considering buying the Axiom M22TiSe's for my mains and I'm looking to match them with an Axiom center.

    I love the look of the VP150Se center, but it is a 6 ohm speaker (the M22's are 8). Will this create problems? Perhaps not work out as a very good sound match? Will my Onkyo 797 have any problems powering them equally? Should I go with the lesser VP100 at 8 ohms, or can I get the better speaker?

    Any advice is appreciated...
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    Nov 9, 2001
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    I also own an Onkyo 797 and I am running 4 ohm A/D/S towers for stereo and my center and surrounds are "4-8ohms" Definitive Tech speakers and my receiver has no problem driving them. You really shouldn't worry, now if thsoe were 2ohm, them it would be a problem, the 797 has no problem with my 4ohm towers.

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