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    “Surprisingly funny and stylish” – James Verniere, The Boston Herald

    “A Fun Ride … With Bruce Charm on Full Blast” – Ain’t It Cool News

    B-Movie Icon Bruce Campbell
    Parodies Himself in the Hilarious Horror Spoof


    Loaded with Groovy Bonus Materials, Including
    Four Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes and Commentary


    CHATSWORTH, CALIF. (December 15, 2008) – Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead trilogy, TV’s “Burn Notice”) is fearless, unstoppable and ready for his close-up when the cult-classic-in-the-making My Name is Bruce debuts on DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def February 10 from Image Entertainment. Grace Thorsen (Sixes and the One Eyed King), newcomer Taylor Sharpe and Ted Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy, The Midnight Meat Train) co-star in the story of a self-absorbed, hard-drinking, and marginally talented actor (Campbell) asked to rescue a group of socially inept fans who unwittingly unleash a vengeful spirit on a killing rampage. The groovy bonus materials include the behind-the-scenes featurette Heart of Dorkness – The Making of My Name is Bruce, the spoof on “E! True Hollywood Story” and “Inside Edition” exposés Hard Truth News from Hollywood – the REAL Bruce Campbell, and commentary with director/actor Bruce Campbell and producer Mike Richardson. Following its national theatrical release in more than 20 top markets supported by an in-person publicity tour by Campbell, the film will be available on DVD for $27.98 SRP and on Blu-ray Hi-Def for $35.98.

    SYNOPSIS: Something evil is stirring in the small mining town of Gold Lick, and it's not happy. Guan-di, the Chinese protector of the dead with a strange affinity for bean curd, has been awakened by reckless teenagers, and now his bloody crusade to wipe out the town's entire population can only be stopped by one man—Bruce Campbell (the guy who starred in all three Evil Dead movies and Bubba Ho-tep), B-movie star and deadbeat ex-husband extraordinaire, who's recruited to be their unwitting savior. Thinking the whole scenario's a publicity prank, Bruce is distracted from his mission by a hot mom and fan boys aplenty—but when our hero has to face off against a dark force more fearsome than a Hollywood agent, the laughs and screams start flying!

    My Name is Bruce, directed by Bruce Campbell from a script by Mark Verheiden, was produced by Bruce Campbell and Mike Richardson; and associate produced by Craig Sanborn and Chris Tongue.

    Special Features Include:
    · Featurette: Heart of Dorkness – The Making of My Name is Bruce
    · Featurette: Hard Truth News From Hollywood – The REAL Bruce Campbell
    · Featurette: Kif’s Korner – The Making of Real Fake Posters
    · Featurette: Bruce on …
    · Commentary with director/actor Bruce Campbell and producer Mike Richardson
    · Cavealien 2 Trailer
    · Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
    · Enhanced for 16.9 Widescreen TV’s

    DVD: $27.98
    Blu-ray: $35.98
    Street Date: February 10, 2009
    Order Date: January 13, 2009
    Running Time: Approximately 84 minutes
    Genre: Comedy
    Rating: R-Restricted
    Language: English
    Subtitles: Spanish, English
    DVD Catalog #: DHE3715DVD
    Blu-ray Catalog # DHE5097BD
    DVD UPC Code: 014381371529
    Blu-ray UPC Code: 014381509755
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    Finally! Its seems like I first heard about this movie 5 years ago. I thought the only way I was going to see it is if they bundled it with Evil Dead 4.
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    While the premise is essentially THREE AMIGOS, it's a heck of a lot of fun if you're a Campbell fan. Lots of self-depricating pokes at his career and persona, some fun cameos, and lots of goofy humor similar to what Bruce, Sam and the boys were doing in their Super-8 days.

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