Image Press Release: Ghost Hunters International Season 2: Part 2

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    On May 22nd, Image Entertainment sends you on another paranormal exploration around the globe with “Ghost Hunters International Season 2: Part 2,” a collection of 13 new episodes brimming with the world’s most historically haunted locations. This four-disc DVD set with never-before-seen bonus footage will be available for an SRP of $24.98. Pre-book is April 24th.

    With an increased focus on the backstories of the locations, join these real supernatural investigators during Season 2 as they explore the 900-year-old Ostrich Inn in England, which served as the inspiration for Sweeney Todd, Hamlet’s Castle in Denmark, a facility in Nicaragua where many employees were forced to quit due to the high level of paranormal activity and many more!

    “Ghost Hunters International Season 2: Part 2” features the following bone-chilling investigations that will cure any doubt of the uncanny:

    • The Spirit of Robin Hood
    • Sweeney Todd
    • Wolf’s Lair
    • The Devil’s Wedding
    • The Demons of Nicaragua
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Ghosts of the Eastern Bloc: Ukraine and Poland
    • Unfaithful Spirit: Germany
    • Amsterdamned: Netherlands
    • Army of the Dead: Serbia
    • Shadows in the Dark: Scotland
    • Soldiers of Misfortune: Puerto Rico

    “Ghost Hunters International” debuted as the number one telecast in Syfy history and shows no signs of stopping with its third hit season currently airing!

    “Ghost Hunters International Season 2: Part 2”

    Genre: Television, Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Mystery/Suspense, Myths/Legends

    Rating: Not Rated

    Languages: English

    Format: 1.78:1 (16x9 enhanced)

    Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

    Subtitles: N/A

    Year: 2011

    SRP: $24.98

    Street Date: May 22, 2012

    Pre-Book: April 24, 2012

    Length: 500 minutes (approx.)

    UPC: 014381793321

    Cat#: ID7933PGDVD
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    Lovely, more Brandy Green is always welcome! :D

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