"I'm not from Guetamala, I'm from Puerto Rico"

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    It's day like this where I wish I had a camera.

    As a cashier in a well known Pharmacy store, you always get a customer or two that treats you like S%#T just because they want to.

    It was about 9:15 pm and I was covering the front cashier lunch, so it was only me cashiering. It wasnt that busy when a woman comes up and gives me her merchandise consisting of candy bars, a drink, 3 laundry detergents and one fabric softener. she handed me a $20 and I gave her change of a few bills and about 81 cents. Apparently I didnt noticed at the time that one of the coins was a guetamalan coin. she came back 2 minutes later and asked why the detergent wasn't 2/$5. I looked at her reciept and it said that each was sold at $2.99.
    I called the manager and told the customer to wait a minute for her money. I then told her that she had to bring back the detergent so we could scan it. At this point she already started to get annoyed with me. She then went to her car and brought back the detergent. When my manager came, she started scanning the items for money return when the lady brought up the coin that I gave her.

    "Why did you give me this coin?" "This coin is from Guetamala. I'm not guetamalan, I'm from Puerto Rico."

    My Manager then did a cash count and it turned out that I have done nothing wrong, she knew that it was an accident on my behave. While waiting the cash count result she said "You know you getting paid for this, while I'm just standing around" I had to nod and agree with her because there wasnt that much that I could say to make this situation better

    My manager explained that it was an accident that I gave her a forign coin. (when you cashier for 5 hours straight you begin to ignore most of change that is given to you) and her gave the refund for the detergent

    Said then she would not give out strange forgien coins where she worked. My manager apologized again and as she was leaving she told the night watchman that she would be coming back to this store for a long time.

    Oh well, what you going to do?
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    Yeah some people are out to ruin other people's day. I hate it when little things are blown out of proportion. Her day is coming. What goes around comes around.

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