I'm listening to Howard with a "Delphi" Antenna

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by RAF, Jan 11, 2006.

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    Three days into 2006 A.H. ("After Howard") I've decided that when my current 1 year commitment to XM radio is up I'm cancelling that service and staying with Sirius. To me there is absolutely no comparison between Stern and the competition. But that's my opinion. You may think otherwise.

    I did discover one nice little thing that might be of interest to those of you XMers who are contemplating a switch to the "other side." A month or two ago Delphi had a "special" involving a wireless repeater for their XM antenna. This consists of a "WiFi" style module that you plug your XM antenna into and a separate WiFi Antenna that you plug into your XM receiver. You can see it here and it works like a charm. If you have a hard time finding that "sweet" spot for antenna placement, just set up the antenna with the signal repeater at a receptive location and move the radio anywhere you want in the house. Since the key communication is between the repeater and the special WiFi antenna I figured that if you could plug the Sirius antenna into the Delphi repeater and the Delphi WiFi antenna into the Sirius radio it should work as well, and it does! So I thought my Delphi Repeater investment would go by the wayside when I drop XM but I was wrong.

    And there's something sweet about listening to Howard via an antenna with "DELPHI" emblazoned on it.

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    So..how far can you get away from your transmitter before you start to loose the signal? Susan takes her boom box down to the basement all the time and this would work out great if it has good range.


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