I'm Lazy... How can I be brought up to speed?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Scott Wong, Feb 25, 2006.

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    With the information I obtained from the Digital Bits about Toshiba's HD-DVD tour... it made me think I should probably check in with the HTF about the whole HD-DVD/BR debate.

    Can I be brought up to speed without having to read 56 pages worth of discussion? [​IMG]

    I gathered from just one of the topic headings that the formats will only be available via HDMI. Correct? Considering my Samsung HDTV only has a single DVI-input currently being used with my DirecTV tuner... does this pose a problem? I know there are DVI -> HDMI cables. Even though it would make things terribly inconvenient, couldn't I essentially "unplug" my DirecTV tuner when I want to watch a movie with my new DVD player? I know it would be a huge pain... but it isn't as though I'd be completely screwed, would it?

    I guess short of that, I'm basically wanting to know what you guys are doing. bestbuy.com has the Toshiba HD-DVD player ($499) available for pre-order and another thread mentioned Circuit City promoting BR technology.

    What else should I know? Can someone help out a fellow HTF'er? [​IMG]
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    Wait for Blu ray. It'll show full 1080p60, even on Fred Flintstone's rock, and as an added feature it'll scrub the gussets of your long johns while you're watching. Mmmmm minty fresh. Decisions, decisions...

    It's either that or the cattle prod.

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