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I'm about to switch to dish, here's my dilemna about pvr choices (1 Viewer)


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Oct 6, 2002
Hey, I've had directv for 3 years. I have the toshiba dst-3000 hd reciever. I want to use a tivo like service. I thought about running a directivo on a seperate input, but, this will cost 10.00 extra a month, and they haven't offered local channles in my area, so I couldn't record ota, and it keeps getting pushed back, and back, and back...

I don't watch any of the hd programming with directv, because there's not much content and 10.99 is a ripoff. I do like to watch ota hd when I'm home sometimes,but I work 2nd shift. My vcr died, and now I sometimes record ota stuff on the pc, but it's a hassle to watch tv on the computer.
Now dish is offering the 811 hd box basically for free with a one year service, and they offer local channels in my area,(go figure). I thought about selling my directv hd box and applying the money toward a standalone tivo. Or I could order a 2nd reciever from dish that has pvr, but then again, that would be an extra 10.00 a month. So 10.00 extra a month, or 300.00 for the tivo service, it would take about 3 years before I really lost money, and who's tivo is guaranteed to last 3 years?

I know I could wait around for the hddirectvio thingy, or the dishpvr 921, that probably will be awhile, buggy, and who knows if locals with directv will still be off-line to me.Let's just say I've waited for 18 months for locals, otherwise I would've gotten the directivo a long time ago.

I just want to be able for the family to record ota and satellite. Like I said even though I've had this tosh hd box for 3 years, I might get to watch what's on Sat+Sun night in hd if it's a good program, and sometimes Monday Night football.

Any thought, suggestions....let me know, I did order the dish deal but it's a couple weeks to installation so I could delay/cancel if someone enlightens me to a better alternative...or maybe I should just get another"cringe" vcr...



Stephen Tu

Apr 26, 1999
Definitely wait for HD DirecTivo. Local digital channels are recorded OTA with that box, so DirecTV not providing locals via sat is a non-issue with that box.

Once you get used to a Tivo, you'd be greatly annoyed that you'd still only be able to watch HD live. Wait a few months, get HD PVR.

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