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I'm a newb...what is this thing? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 24, 2004
I don't frequent this forum as much as I do the car audio forums but I ran across this and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on to what it really is. Seems like one of those too good to be true things. I am interested in wasting the $17 just to see what it is.

Max Theater

Mike Frezon

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Oct 9, 2001
Rexford, NY
quote:Seems like one of those too good to be true things.

Do you need to say any more?

As I poked around the site, I found that if you go to the page where they have customer reviews posted, if you compare those on the page with those scrolling-by on the right-hand-side, they completely screwed up which names go with which quotes. Rather suspect, eh?

Instead of George Harrison as it reads on the main page, its Gerald Harrison on the scroll.

Instead of Alisha Kerry, the same quote is attributed to David Kent in the scroll.

Makes ya wonder.

What is the thing...a couple of mirrors?

quote:The MaxTheater big screen TV kit captures the images from your existing TV or monitor and uses our exclusive high resolution 6x projection lens to increase the image any size up to 175". This HUGE image is projected onto any flat surface such as a wall or optional movie screen and is fully adjustable to accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Assembly & setup of your new big screen takes around 1 hour and is so simple, anyone can easily complete it. This item will in no way damage or prevent normal use of your TV! You do not have to disassemble or alter your TV in any way and you can switch back to your regular sized TV in seconds. The MaxTheater 175" big screen TV is fully compatible with all TV's & computer monitors up to 36".

Mike Ulveling

Mar 3, 2003
It's a scam, and an annoying, recurring one at that. Basically you have to build a box around a TV and put their cheesy $3 plasic "lens" in the front. The image from the TV is then projected onto whatever wall you point it at, except that the image is upside down (unless you turned the TV upside down when you built the box). Now according to laws of physics, if you take a smaller image and expand it to a larger one via a lens, the brightness of the projected image will be decreased proportional to the ratio of the areas. Projecting a 20" TV into a 150" would produce an image less than 1/56 th as bright as the original. In reality it won't even be that bright since the image is reflecting off a wall. You can be assured the image will be unwatchable by the standards of anyone here.

Jeff Gatie

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Aug 19, 2002
It is the back of the magazine TV equivalent of "X-Ray Specs" and about as true in it's claims. Essentially, it is a box with a fresnel lens that attemtps to project your TV onto a wall. Stay away, because it is not even worth $17.


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Aug 19, 2002
just a fresnel box. it's a worthless waste of time unless you have an old fresnel from an overhead laying around, and an old tv and you're really bored. Maybe a neat experiment, but worthless for viewing anything.

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