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    Closing Comments
    NCAA College Basketball 2K3 is my favorite basketball game this year. Though the final score isn't higher than NBA 2K3, it's only because there are so many nagging little problems. However, those problems don't cancel out a great experience. If Kush and Visual Concepts can iron out these troubles and focus more on the Legacy Mode next year, this could be among the elite sports games of 2003. If you're a college hoops fan, this is definitely worth your holiday cheddar. If you're not a big college fan but love hoops, you may still want to check NCAA out. This is a unique experience, different and more enjoyable than NBA 2K3. On a technical level, sure, NBA 2K3 excels, but NCAA will be in my Xbox far more over the coming year. It's the fact that NCAA could have been so much better with just a little more attention to detail that upsets me so much. It's so close, but just isn't quite there. Next year, though, I have high expectations. We'll see if Sega is up to the challenge.
    -- Hilary Goldstein

    Over 300 1-A teams, tons of fight songs and chants. No net-cutting ceremony, unintuitive menus, and some meager uses of the ESPN license hold it back. 8.0
    Look like college players and the stadiums look good, plus the animations are fantastic. The crowds could certainly be better and there's a ton of rim clipping that is too noticeable to be ignored. 7.0
    Love the crowd noises and the commentary is great. There's lots of delayed comments, but at least they are accurate even though they come in after the play at times. 8.0
    Wow. No better college hoops experience out there. Plays so different from NBA 2K3 and so true to the college game that it's a bit stunning. More fun than NBA! 9.0
    Lasting Appeal
    The Legacy Mode will keep you busy for a year and the other modes are nice to have too. Online adds some too, but even without online support this one will keep you occupied for a while. 9.0
    OVERALL SCORE (not an average) 8.6

    This game sounds awesome, I will definitely be picking this one up next week. But how can they not have sliders?
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    Oct 6, 2001
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    This is the one I'm anticipating the most for XBL!!!
  3. Manuel

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    A little late...but oh, well. I just started playing a season. I had NBA 2K3 and traded it away a few weeks ago. Even though NBA was more polished I like this better. I have only gone through half a season, did play a tourney, and various one time matches. The only thing that I really do not like (same for NBA) is that it gets too easy. I am playing with Kansas, which is a good team. However, I beat Arizona by 10 points and was never really led to believe that I could loose the game. Just for the record, I am not one of those who runs around with just one guy until I get an easy layup(easy to do in NBA). I try to set plays and execute them. I found that if you switch your offensive plays often you get easy looks and easy points. If you run a fast break style offense you will kill your opponent. I still have dialup so I have not played online. What do you guys think of online play? I have not seen any thoughts on that. Slider bars would have been nice. So far, there are 2 things I wish I could change.

    1-Make the cpu play harder offense-defensively they are fine

    2-Option to turn off the score board or have it turn off a few seconds after the score and just put the time somewhere else
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    I have had this for about a month. I have some comments on the gameplay. I hate that sometimes you can be 5 feet away from the basket and you are moving towards the basket and a player will stop and shoot rather than going in for the layup or dunk. Also sometimes you can have a perfect boxout and your guys still won't get the rebound. I have played two seasons with the UC Bearcats in the legacy mode. Hardest level, 16 minute halves. I had one loss in the regular season both seasons but lost in the sweet sixteen and elite 8 during the tournament. I have also started a legacy mode where you have to take a crappy school and work your way up.....I was Loyola Marymount. I was 26-6 first season, lost in the second round of the tournament. I had an awful recruitment (mad since I had a good record, didn't get one player above 3 stars) but all my starters returned. Played a more difficult pre-conference schedule, including a lot of highly ranked teams. I am now currently 17-2, ranked number one (wasn't ranked at all last season) and looking forward to this years tournament. Against the good teams I really have to limit the turnovers, get steals and rebound well to win.

    I'm up for playing online sometime. My gamertag is ReddogNate.

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