IGN fully stocked on new Rogue Leader movies (lots of Hoth)

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  1. Dan Brecher

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    Jan 8, 1999
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    More stuff to drool over.... God I wish I had broadband... [​IMG] The speed this game flies at seems incredible!
    One of the movies I ran (Volumetric Smoke on Hoth) showcased some of the in game specific music (ie not music from any of the movies) at the very start before flowing into an actual music cue from Empire Strikes Back, it sounds much like the synthy style of music heard in Rogue Squadron.
    I'm sure many of you have checked them out already, but just in case, new movies in the 'Current Media' section down bottom here .
    Dan (UK)
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  2. Calvin Watts III

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    Mar 7, 2001
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I want this game....I want it now,now,NOW!!!!
    This game & system will be mine....
    "Never give up!!! .......... Never surrender!!!!!!!!!."
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