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If you're an American, which films and TV show titles you have that's in R2, R3, or R4 (1 Viewer)


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Feb 1, 2014
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Sagalina Hazzan
If you're an American and have a DVD and/or a Blu-Ray player that's reigon-free, which films and/or TV shows you imported from R2, R3, or R4?

David Weicker

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Feb 26, 2005
Real Name
TV shows on DVD (NA on US)
No Honestly
Blake's 7
Rockford Files Movies Vol 2

Movie on DVD (NA on US)
Electric Dreams

Blu Ray (NA or OOP on US)
Three Musketeers
Four Musketeers
Great Expectations
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Blu Ray (cheaper)
Superman Anthology
Heroes (tv series)
Hitchcock box set
Universal Monsters

Movies on Blu Ray (NA at the time)
Funny Face

My DVD player is multi-region, and can convert PAL to NTSC. However my new TV can plan native PAL 576i
My Blu Ray player is Region A, so I only purchase Blu Rays that are all region (for the time being).

Vic Pardo

Feb 7, 2013
Real Name
Brian Camp
DisneySwan1990 said:
If you're an American and have a DVD and/or a Blu-Ray player that's reigon-free, which films and/or TV shows you imported from R2, R3, or R4?
I have hundreds of R2 discs from Japan--movies, anime, TV shows, J-pop concerts--and hundreds of R3 discs from Hong Kong, some of which are recent HK movies, but most are older ones from Celestial Pictures' mass release of remastered Shaw Bros. titles (1958-85) which lasted from 2002 to about 2007.

R3/Shaw Bros. classics:

R2/tokusatsu (live-action special effects shows) and anime:

R2/J-pop musicals and concerts:

Thomas T

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Sep 30, 2001
Some titles have since been released in R1 but they weren't when I bought them. Some are pressed while their U.S. counterparts are MOD. Some are anamorphic whereas their U.S. counterparts are not.

Admirable Crichton (England)
Adua E LE Compagne (England)
And Now Tomorrow (England)
And Then There Were None (England)
Angry Silence (England)
Anne Of The Indies (Germany)
Appaloosa (Germany)
Appointment With Death (England)
Arabian Adventure (England)
Awakening (England)
Baaria (England)
Backlash (England)
Bagdad (Spain)
Ballad Of Josie (England)
Bambole (Italy)
Barbarian And The Geisha (England)
Bear island (Spain)
Bell For Adano (Australia)
Belle Starr (Spain)
Beloved Infidel (Brazil)
Bengal Brigade (Spain)
Best Man (England)
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (England)
Big Easy (England)
Bitter Rice (Italy)
Bitter Tea Of General Yen (Spain)
Black Bart (Germany)
Black Knight (Spain)
Black Shield Of Falworth (England)
Black Windmill (England)
Blackbeard The Pirate (England)
Blindfold (France)
Bloodline (England)
Blue Bird (Spain)
Blue Dahlia (England)
Bold And The Brave (England)
Boom (Germany)
Border River (France)
Born To Be Bad (England)
Born To Win (France)
Bottom Of The Bottle (Spain)
Boy On A Dolphin (Germany)
Breakdown (England)
Bullwhip (Spain)
Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell (Australia)
Burglars (Germany)
But Not For Me (Spain)
Caesar And Cleopatra (England)
Calamity Jane (Australia)
Calamity Jane And Sam Bass (France)
Captain Apache (England)
Carthage In Flames (Germany)
Charlie Bubbles (England)
Chase A Crooked Shadow (England)
Child Is Waiting (England)
China Girl (Spain)
Christmas Romance (England)
City Beneath The Sea (Germany)
City Of Bad Men (Spain)
Clambake (England)
Clouded Yellow (England)
Cluny Brown (Germany)
Cobra Woman (England)
Cold Sweat (England)
Comanche Territory (England)
Combat Dans L'ile (England)
Constant Husband (England)
Cry Of The City (Germany)
Dandy In Aspic (England)
Dangerous Mission (Spain)
Day Of Fury (Italy)
Deadly Affair (England)
Deadly Companions (Germany)
Deadly Trap (England)
Dear Brigitte (Germany)
Deep End (France)
Desert Fury (Australia)
Desert Legion (Italy)
Desiree (Germany)
Devils (England)
Diplomatic Courier (Spain)
Divorce American Style (England)
Doctor Crippen (England)
Doll's House (Germany)
Drum Beat (Australia)
Duel Of The Titans (Spain)
Egyptian (Spain)
8 Million Ways To Die (England)
Eight On The Lam (Spain)
End Of The Game (Germany)
Escape To Athena (England)
Esther And The King (Germany)
Eve Of St. Mark (Spain)
Fair Wind To Java (Spain)
Fallen Sparrow (England)
Falstaff: Chimes At Midnight (England)
Fan (England)
Fate Is The Hunter (Spain)
Father Was A Fullback (Spain)
Fierce Creatures (England)
55 Days In Peking (England)
Fireflies In The Garden (England)
Five Fingers (England)
Five Graves To Cairo (Australia)
Five Miles To Midnight (England)
Flesh And Fury (England)
Flim Flam Man (Spain)
Follow The Sun (England)
Footsteps In The Fog (England)
Foreign Affair (France)
Forever Amber (Spain)
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (France)
Foxes Of Harrow (Spain)
Frenchman's Creek (Spain)
Freud (Spain)
From Hell To Texas (Germany)
Futureworld (England)
Gambit (England)
Gambler From Natchez (Spain)
Games (Spain)
Ghost Ship (England)
Gift Of Love (Spain)
Glass Key (England)
Glass Menagerie (Netherlands)
Go Between (England)
Gold (England)
Goodbye Again (Germany)
Glory Guys (England)
Grandes Manoeuvres (England)
Great Expectations (England)
Great Gatsby (Italy)
Greengage Summer (Loss Of Innocence) (England)
Group (Spain)
Gun For A Coward (Australia)
Gunman's Walk (Italy)
Guns Of Darkness (England)
Gypsy And The Gentleman (Spain)
Happy Ever After (England)
Harry Black And The Tiger (Spain)
Hawaiians (Germany)
He Ran All The Way (England)
Heart Of The Matter (England)
Hell Bent For Leather (Australia)
Heroes Of Telemark (England)
High Tide (Australia)
Hireling (England)
Hold Back The Dawn (France)
Hole In The Head (England)
Hollywood Wives (Sweden)
Home In Indiana (Spain)
Honey Pot (England)
Horizons West (Germany)
Hornet's Nest (Germany)
Hot Blood (England)
House Of Cards (Brazil)
House Of 1,000 Dolls (Germany)
Hudson's Bay Spain)
Hurricane (Germany)
I Am A Camera (England)
I Could Go On Singing (England)
I Married A Witch (France)
Ideal Husband (England)
In Love And War (Spain)
Inferno (Spain)
Interlude (Spain)
Iron Curtain (Spain)
Isadora (France)
It Had To Be You (England)
Jamaica Inn (France)
Johnny Guitar (England)
Jungle Book (England)
Kangaroo (Spain)
King Of The Khyber Rifles (Spain)
L Shaped Room (England)
Lady Godiva Of Coventry (England)
Lady Vanishes (Australia)
Lancelot Du Lac (England)
Landlord (England)
Last Days Of Pompeii (Germany)
Last Embrace (Netherlands)
Last Of The Fast Guns (Spain)
Last Married Couple In America (Australia)
Left Hand Of God (Germany)
Life At The Top (England)
Lion (Spain)
Lisbon (Spain)
List Of Adrian Messenger (England)
Lonely Passion Of Miss Judith Hearne (Australia)
Lonelyhearts (Spain)
Long Duel (Germany)
Lovely Way To Die (Germany)
Lulu Belle (England)
Lydia Bailey (Spain)
Machine Gun Kelly (Netherlands)
Macomber Affair (Spain)
Madame Sin (Germany)
Madame Sousatzka (England)
Madeleine (England)
Magnificent Ambersons (England)
Man Between (France)
Man In The Shadow (Germany)
Man On A Tightrope (Spain)
Man On The Eiffel Tower (England)
Man Who Watched Trains Go By (England)
Man Without A Star (Australia)
Man's Castle (Spain)
March Or Die (Germany)
Margaret's Museum (England)
Margin For Error (England)
Maroc 7 (England)
Master Of The World (Spain)
Me And The Colonel (Germany)
Meet Danny Wilson (England)
Midnight Lace (England)
Midnight Story (Spain)
Ministry Of Fear (England)
Misissippi Gambler (Spain)
Mister Cory (Spain)
Moderato Cantabile (Germany)
Moment By Moment (Germany)
Montana Belle (England)
Moonfleet (Netherlands)
Mortal Thoughts (Germany)
Moses The Lawgiver (England)
Mrs. Arris Goes To Paris (England)
My Forbidden Past (England)
Naked And The Dead (Italy)
Naked Edge (England)
Naked Maja (Brazil)
Never Say Goodbye *Spain)
Night And The City (England)
Night Of The Eagle (Burn Witch Burn) (England)
Night Of The Generals (England)
Night People (Australia)
Nine Hours To Rama (Spain)
No Highway In The Sky (Germany)
No Room For The Groom (France)
North West Mounted Police (England)
Not As A Stranger (Australia)
Oliver Twist (England)
One Desire (Spain)
One Foot In Hell (Spain)
Only Game In Town (Italy)
Ordeal By Innocence (England)
Out Of Season (Denmark)
Outcast Of The Islands (England)
Paris Blues (England)
Paper (England)
Parisienne (England)
Party Girl (France)
Passionate Friends (England)
Perfect (England)
Perfect Friday (England)
Piano (England)
Player (England)
Poker Alice (England)
Pope Joan (Germany)
Prince Who Was A Thief (Germany)
Pumpkin Eater (England)
Pillars Of The Sky (Germany)
Pleasure Seekers (Spain)
Prudence And The Pill (England)
Puzzle Of A Downfall Child (France)
Quantez (Spain)
Rachel And The Stranger (England)
Racers (Spain)
Raging Moon (England)
Raid (Spain)
Rainbow (England)
Rattle Of A Simple Man (England)
Red Sundown (Spain)
Restless Breed (England)
Revolt Of Mamie Stover (Spain)
Richard's Things (England)
Robbery (England)
Rocco And His Brothers (England)
Rock A Bye Baby (Italy)
Roots Of Heaven (Germany)
Rough Night At Jericho (England)
Royal Scandal (England)
Run For The Sun (England)
S.O.S. Pacific (England)
Saraband For Dead Lovers (England)
Saskatchewan (England)
Scientific Cardplayer (Australia)
Second Time Around (Spain)
Secret Beyond The Door (England)
Secret Ceremony (England)
Secret Of Convict Lake (Spain)
Secret Of The Incas (Spain)
Secret People (England)
Seekers (England)
Seminole (England)
Separate Tables (England)
Sergeant Ryker (England)
Seven Per Cent Solution (England)
Shadow Box (England)
Shake Hands With The Devil (England)
Shalako (Australia)
Sherlock Holmes In New York (Germany)
Siege At Red River (Spain)
Siege At Pinchgut (England)
Sign Of The Pagan (Germany)
Silver Bears (England)
Singapore (France)
Sitting Bull (Germany)
Slave Of Rome (Spain)
Sleep My Love (Germany)
Smoke Signal (Spain)
So Long At The Fair (England)
Sodom And Gomorrah (Brazil)
Son Of Ali Baba (Australia)
Song Of Scheherazade (Brazil)
Song Of Songs (Germany)
Sons And Lovers (Australia)
Sound Barrier (England)
Station West (England)
Stavisky (Germany)
Stick (Germany)
Stolen Children (England)
Story On Page One (Spain)
Stranger On The Run (England)
Streetcar Named Desire (Australia)
Sun Valley Serenade (England)
Sunday In The Country (France)
Sundays And Cybele (England)
Suspect (Spain)
Swamp Water (England)
Sweet Body Of Deborah (Sweden)
Sword Of Lancelot (Lancelot And Guinevere) (Spain)
Take Her She's Mine (Germany)
Ten North Frederick (Germany)
Tender Is The Night (Spain)
Tete Contre Les Murs (England)
Texasville (England)
That Lady In Ermine (Germany)
That Lucky Touch (Norway)
That Woman Opposite (England)
Thirty Nine Steps (ENgland)
This Earth Is Mine (Spain)
Three Men In A Boat (England)
Ticket To Tomahawk (Italy)
Tiger And The Pussycat (Australia)
Time To Love And A Time To Die (England)
Tobacco Road (Brazil)
Tomahawk (Germany)
Torn Between Two Lovers (Spain)
Touch Of Love (Thank You All Very Much) (England)
Tough Guys (England)
Toys In The Attic (Australia)
Trapeze (Germany)
Tread Softly Stranger (England)
Treasure Of The Yankee Zephyr (Germany)
23 Paces To Baker Street (Australia)
Twisted Nerve (England)
Two Flags West (Spain)
Two For The Seesaw (England)
Untamed (Spain)
Untamed Frontier (Germany)
Velvet Touch (England)
Victors (England)
Visit (Germany)
Viva Zapata (England)
Voyage (England)
Walk The Proud Land (England)
Walk With Love And Death (Germany)
Walls Of Jericho (Spain)
War Lord (England)
Warlords Of Atlantis (England)
Waterloo (England)
Way Of The Gaucho (Spain)
Way Way Out (Spain)
While The City Sleeps (England)
Whisky Galore (England)
White Mischief (England)
White Witch Doctor (Spain)
Wild Duck (Germany)
Woman Next Door (Australia)
Woman's World (Spain)
Wonderful Country (Germany)
Wrong Box (England)
Wuthering Heights (England)
Wuthering Heights (Hurlevent) (England)
Yield To The Night (England)
You And Me (Germany)
Young Cassidy (Spain)
Young Winston (England)
Zee And Company (England)

Vic Pardo

Feb 7, 2013
Real Name
Brian Camp
If I'm ever your house guest, Mr. T, I'll be very low maintenance. Just park me in front of the TV and let me pick from that pile for the next few days and I'll be happy. ;)

Thomas T

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 2001
Vic, with over 4,000 titles to choose from you won't be bored.

Alas, some of the transfers are less than stellar. For example, The Black Knight (the Alan Ladd film) from Spain is in anamorphic 16x9 but it's a wretched transfer. Barely watchable but at least it's out there. Yet some are superior to their R1 counterparts. I Could Go On Singing (the Judy Garland film) from England looks much better than its R1 release and unlike the R1 is anamorphic 16x9!

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