Ideas to upgrade my system?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Huw Williams, Dec 7, 2003.

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    My first post in a LONG time

    My current system has served me well for a few years now and I still think it performs well but I think it could be better


    Currrent System:

    Philips 28PW6305 28" Widescreen
    Yamaha DSP-A5
    Pioneer DV-717 DVD player
    Pioneer CLD-2950 Laserdisc
    Aiwa FX2800 VCR (rarely used though!)
    Front Speakers: Tannoy M2.5 Speakers on sand filled Atacama SE24 stands on concrete slabs.
    Centre Speaker: Tannoy MXC
    Rear Speakers: Tannoy M1 on Atacama Nexus 10 stands
    Paradigm PDR-10 Subwoofer on a concrete slab
    Equipment mounted on a Sound-organisation Z-560 rack

    All speakers are wired with Cable Talk 3.1 speaker cable. Subwoofer is wired with a custom QED QNEX 2 cable. The DVD player uses a QED Sqart cable.


    Any ideas on how to upgrade the system? I'm thinking about getting a pair of Tannoy MX4 speakers for the front and moving the M2.5 speakers to the rear. Any other ideas?

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    If you're going to have an extra set of speakers lying around after that purchase, I would say the next logical step would be to pick up a 7.1 ch. reciever. I'm not too familiar with Yammies, but there must be one similar to yours with a few more channels of amplification. Then again it depends on if that would work in your room setup or not.

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