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    I'm still new to this so excuse me if I use wrong terminology etc.. If your main interest is HT (with some music listening), and your speakers are set to small with a sub anyway, wouldn't it be ideal to buy 7 of the same high end bookshelves (2 ways) and a sub. You'd have complete timbre matching. The center would blend (?) with the left and right. It seems to make sense to me or is there a reason this wouldn't be ideal.
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    That's the plan I would use if I were building from scratch. My 5.1 system uses bookshelf speakers. They aren't matching speakers but that's because when I bought them they were used for pro logic. Along the upgrade path I bought a pair of tower speakers and hooked them to an older receiver I had laying around so now I have the best of both worlds: straight power for music and a balanced effect for DVDs.

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