Ideal-Lume Video Bias Back Light Press Release

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    Subject: Press Release: Improved Viewing Environment Solutions Debut
    Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 18:40:43 GMT

    CinemaQuest, Inc. Debuts New Ideal-Lume Video Bias Lighting Models
    Denver, Co: December 15, 2005
    CinemaQuest, Inc., world leader in video viewing environment solutions, is shipping two new models in their award winning 'Ideal-Lume' line of 6500K video bias lighting. Both offerings include dramatic improvements of previous products, but at substantially reduced prices! The new 'Ideal-Lume Standard' model is now slimmer, lighter in weight, and no longer requires an optional filter kit for dimming. Their new 'Ideal-Lume Panelight' includes two 7/8 inch thick fluorescent fixtures for installation behind wall-mounted plasma, LCD and other flat technology TVs. No TV currently made can deliver its best picture in anything other than a darkened room. Typical room lighting and daylight from windows will reflect off of the screen and/or enter the actual screen position. The result is a contaminated image. Video professionals have recognized this problem for decades. Critical television post-production viewing environments use special lighting reduced in level by over 90%. They use lighting that closely matches the standard color of white their monitors are calibrated to. This lighting
    is only allowed behind the monitor, to eliminate glare and reflections. Such techniques serve also to preserve accurate color perception and reduce viewing fatigue caused by eye strain.

    'Ideal-Lume' has been the 6500K lighting brand of choice by imaging industry experts, home theater professionals and discriminating video consumers alike, since 1999. Professional organizations that use and recommend Ideal-Lume products include: the Imaging Science Foundation; Joe Kane Productions; DisplayMate Technologies; the National Institute of Standards and Technology; THX, Ltd.; Electronic Arts; Universal Studios; Runco, International;
    Widescreen Review; Microsoft, Corp.; top motion picture and video game digital effects houses; DVD authoring and duplication facilities; etc.

    The new 'Ideal-Lume Standard' model now sells for $44.95. CinemaQuest, Inc. has priced their new 'Ideal-Lume Panelight' model at $79.95. Additional information about this technology and purchasing instructions can be found
    at: .
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    good news! [​IMG]

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