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Chris PC

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May 12, 2001
Has anybody gotten themselves some ICE amps? Which one(s)? How do they sound? What did they cost you (approx)?

I have a Marantz SR 9600 receiver and PSB Image T65 speakers and while most of the time they sound great, sometimes the sound is a little bright and revealing, detailed to the point of sounding harsh at times. Of course, the better the recording, the better the sound. I have heard that ICE amps have a nice "dark" sound to them. I hate words to describe sound, so what "dark" means, I don't entirely know, but...I'm curious as to what the ICE amps sound like. It looks like ICE amp tech is simply an improved or otherwise modified Class D switching amp. Interested to know what people think.

Ultimately I'd like to find something with around 140 watts x 7 into 8 ohms, but that may cost a small fortune!



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Jan 6, 2008
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Brandon Henry
I have had the opportunity to do some early product testing on a digital ICE power amp SVSound is working on rolling out. So far it sounds amazing. I have even used it in conference rooms that have more cubic volume than a room in a typical home. I have yet to be able to notice if I have reached its limit. I have turned it up to levels where hearing protection is required- just to see what would happen.

I always like to push the envelope. I usually try and blow-up what ever I am testing.:eek: That way I can hand it back with a shrug and say "it just stopped working!"

At far above reasonable listening volume, it still sounded good with my ear muffs on! I had to give the amp back to Ron with a smile and a thumbs up for my bit of testing. (I was testing their M-Series speakers in conjunction with the amp. This helped with the undistorted head-room I was achieving. Not to mention that the M-series speakers can handle big power and are the reason that they want to launch this amp.)

I know they have met recently with the B & O guys about this project, and I think it is a green light. SVS is still doing design work and what-not, so they will be staying tight-lipped about the whole thing for now. If and when they do decide to launch it as a product, I will let you know.

Keeping with SVS fashion, I am sure you wont find the same quality amp anywhere that can beat their price. I cant pin SVS down on a price yet because as always, they are still looking for ways to spend a little more money to make the product a little bit cooler. I did once overhear someone say they wanted to keep it under $1500!! We will see if they can pull off such a thing.

If they do, you know what I want for Christmas!

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