3D Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is Fox's debut title in the Blu-ray 3D format

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    [SIZE= 12pt]This morning Best Buy's Union Square, NYC store sold the world's first Panasonic Full HD 3D System. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Panasonic also announced details on their first partnership to launch the first Blu-ray 3D title in the marketplace this April.

    "There may be a couple of times that are considered game changers in the industry and this is that moment for home enteretainment. Over the last year we have seen 3D invigorate the theatrical experience and it will do the same for the living room. We are thrilled to have Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs as our debut title in the Blu-ray 3D format" said Mary Daily, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "The Ice Age franchise has grossed nearly $2 billion in worldwide box office and sold more than 75 million units in home entertainment. Blu-ray offers the premiere high definition viewing experience for the home, and Blu-ray 3D uses the advanced quality to bring the movie theater 3D experience to your home."

    You can find all details about the announcement at PR Newswire:

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    I love the 3D artwork! I was there for the launch and saw the opening few minutes of the film in 3D on a Panasonic 50 inch set. It looked impressive. I can't wait to see the full movie and some of your other 3D releases.

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