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IC Rated Line Voltage and Insulation (1 Viewer)

Keith M.

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Apr 1, 1999
I have all IC rated line voltage recessed cans in my HT, which is currently under construction. I am in the process of insulating the room with R-11 bats. Since the cans are IC rated can I safely run the bats of insulation all around the ceiling cans?? Or do I still need to be concerned about the heat from the cans igniting the insulation?

Also, Should the vapor barrier paper side of the bats be facing the floor above or down into the HT when installing in the ceiling?

Thanks for your help...


Second Unit
Mar 3, 2003

"IC" stands for Insulated Ceiling. They are the ones that can be placed directly in contact with fiberglass insulation. Mine are installed with insulation all over and on top of the cans. I believe there should be a proper distance from the cans and any combustable material (e.g., the kraft paper facing on insulation batts). My cans came with these instructions. You should really check with the manufacturer or your local code.

Also, I understand that some local codes require sealed IC cans, so you might want to check that out. Couldn't imagine that's an issue for an interior ceiling, but not sure.

Not sure about the vapor barrier question for an interior application. Normally, the vapor barrier goes towards the interior. They make unfaced batts for interior work, and they're cheaper. Might want to check out Owens-Corning for more info on interior walls:

Also, I've noted some people are using roofing felt all over the place. I have it in part of my floor "sandwich" (my HT is in the attic). I'd count that as far exceeding the vapor retarding qualities of the kraft paper on these batts. So it's probably not a problem for your application. Check out Erik's site:

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