I would pay $100 to $150 for a truly complete saga that includes the Original (original un-altered,

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    Star Wars (episode 4) was the only film that originally didn't have and episode tag in its title. The Empire Strikes Back was always episode 5, and Return of the Jedi was always episode 6. Doug
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    Except that nobody called them that when they were released, including Lucasfilm. They were always simply STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and RETURN OF THE JEDI. Sometimes the two sequels would have "STAR WARS" added before their proper titles when mentioned in commercials and such but there was never any mention of "Episode Whatever" until the Prequels came along. I know. Nerd nitpicking. The "Episode" tags were always there in the opening crawls of EMPIRE and JEDI :) In the end, the films will survive. If Lucas doesn't want to give us the originals, then there will always be others who keep the films alive, at least in ways that can be watched at home. They won't be ideal and they won't be the pristine versions that Lucas could provide, but they will exist. Lucas is doing nothing but losing potential sales. As others have said, though, he doesn't need the money so he doesn't really care.
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    Adhering to the OP's request, add me to the hypothetical "waiting list". I'd be willing to pay $60 for the OOT alone, and would be "suckered" into buying the Complete Saga with the OOT for the aforementioned price of $100-$150 MSRP (street should be less). This despite the fact I cannot stand the prequels. That's how much I would love the OOT. What is my definition of the OOT? The version that was released in its original theatrical runs of 1977, 1980 and 1983. Dated effects and all. All I would ask is a form of restoration (ideally a RAH-type restoration) and a great quality A/V 1080p transfer. I don't' even want updated or "cleaned up" effects. We've seen once Lucas starts down that dark path, forever does it dominate his destiny. So give me the original theatrical editions, complete with garbage mattes, vaseline under the land speeder, etc.
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    I just watched ESB on BluRay (I did not buy the set and will not buy it). My God, forget about the originals, even the special edition that Lucas wants is completely screwed up just in the transfer. I'm talking about the colors of ESB. It looks blue. All the snow are blue. All the colors look so bad that I have no idea how they could let this pass. And it's the best of the saga and you feel they spent the least amount of time on their best work. All this is to say that they can not even get out their special edition correctly so I'm afraid they are completely incompetent.

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