I went to buy a new Redbook CD player today

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    ... and am embarrassed to say that I already had one. Good thing I asked the HTF before I went to store and embarrassed myself further. But, then again, they would not have had a clue.
    I have been reading all these posts about CD players with excellent Redbook CD playback. What is this new Redbook format?! They slipped a new format into the resolution war and the prices for the players are excellent. What is this new format that doesn't require a player that costs $2K+ for primo playback like the high-end SACD/DVDA players?
    :b Well, for those newbies and oldies (who won't admit their ignorance), a redbook CD is a standard, run-of-the-mill, regular ol' CD. [​IMG]
    With all of the new CD formats that are being produced, redbook has been adopted to differentiate a regular CD from the rest.
    Full research before the plopping down of funds is highly recommended. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    That's a great story. It sure is a good thing that you were around here to find out first. You're right about most salespeople though, they would have no idea what you meant. Just a quick point, it has always been redbook, it's just that with the advent of CD burners and now with DVD-a and SACD, it is becoming more commonplace to call it by that name
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    That's correct. A standard audio compact disc has always been classified as a "redbook" standard. Other "books" are used when writing non-audio data. Or maybe mixing the two together, music and video.

    The only thing to look for when buying a player for audio discs is that a three beam laser might playback discs better that a single beam laser CD player. CD's do have errors on them and a cheap player may skip, dropout, or give off some erroneous noises. Example might be a car discman having problems playing a disc but your home stereo player playsback the disc fine. That's probably three beam laser compared to one beam laser.

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