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I want to be a Blue Man (1 Viewer)


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Feb 6, 2001
I went to Blue Man Group show last nite here in Minneapolis and all I can say, its phenomenal and visual eye candy.

Here is my adventure from the show.

We get to the arena last nite (4 of us) and begin a trek through the line to get in. My wife goes through first and her ticket is scanned with a Palm Pilot like device and enters. I give my ticket and it says "Stop, go to Window #2". This is weird. Nobody taking tickets knows what it means. The other couple with us, their tickets scan with no problems.

We are then taken to Window #2 where it is explained to us that my seat is now in an obstructed view because the sound board is now higher into the seats and with the addition of the camera, those seats are no longer usable.

Well the arena officials were only expecting to accommodate 2 people sitting together and move them to other seats, not a party of 4 or larger. So after waiting about 20 minutes to decide where they were going to put us (also at this time there was a family of 4 also waiting for the decision)they gave us four tickets.

We enter the arena and pass the entrance to our original seats which were first level directly across from the stage. We head left and begin our trek to the side of the arena. Not good i'm thinking. We enter our section and then head down, which is starting to get cool. Our seats end up on the floor 3rd row up on the side, they are even with the front row seats on the floor. Great Seats!!! We are happy.

So then right next to me is a camera, an HD camera. The guy behind me asks the camera guy about the recording and he says they are recording the 2 Minneapolis shows for future viewing. He didn't say if it was for a PPV event or DVD. They had 4 Mic's placed in the audience, 2 on each side. They had 3 stationary camera's, 2 in front of the stage on each side, 1 in the back by the sound board. I could only see 1 mobile camera running around. Also there was a camera on a crane.

"The Complex" tour by Blue Man Group is well worth the $32. And seriously, I want to be a Blue Man!!


Steve Kuester

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Dec 19, 2001
I ended up going to both shows. My wife and I had tickets for Thursday, and on the way out she says, "we should try to get tickets for tomorrow." What a woman! Needless to say I called up ticketmaster and got us a couple tickets.

I just got back from the show. I don't even know how to describe it, awesome, amazing... no words really do it justice.

Paul, we should find another, because I'm definitely Blue Man material.:D

They just announced a huge second leg of their 1st ever tour. Please, do yourselves a favor and go check it out.


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Jun 30, 2002
If you want to be a Blue Man, then you should go to Sherwin-Williams and get a gallon or two of blue paint. ;)

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