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I sent back an SVS 20-39pc over a year ago. Man, that was dumb. (1 Viewer)

Patrick Ja

Apr 2, 2003
A little over a year ago I ordered an SVS 20-39pc and just could not wait to get it. After it arrived I just could'nt see what the fuss was about. I could'nt feel the bass that well. I should have known it was something with my setup when the SVS knocked my paradigm monitor speaker off the bracket form which it set. Can't feel the bass my ass. I sent it back and got a Hsu VTF-2 instead. Here's the thing, what I came to realize is my room is a mess. I used to sit 9ft from the sub, where the SVS was placed, and the bass was not that great. But when you sit 12ft from the sub the bass hits hard and blends better, I discovered this after the SVS was gone. I remember playing a scene from The Matrix, when neo rescues Morpheus. The sound of the Gatling gun unloading is a sound I have yet to produce on my Hsu VTF-2. The bass on that scene with the SVS was so,so...DAMN!!! For some reason that scene sounded good no matter where you were in the room. The point of this thread? Before you judge a subwoofer make sure it is set up properly. Give it time ,calibrate it, make sure its in a good location relative to the room. That old throw the box, or cylinder, in the corner and forget about it saying is crap. I will have justice soon, once I get the new PB2+. Heh,heh,heh.....:)


Dec 4, 2000
The 20-39PC is a great sub. I am currently having a little showdown between it and a REL Q201E that I just bought and as of now the SVS is winning. I only started somparing them last night so this isn't a final verdict, but the SVS seems to have better pitch definition and transient response. I bought the REL because it is much smaller and easier to place in my smallish room but it seems like a little too much of a trade off SQ wise so I'm considering a PB1-ISD. I'd use the 20-39PC but it just won't work as a permanent fixture in my room.


Feb 11, 2001
You can throw in equalization as a facet of properly setting up a sub in a room, especially when sub and/or person placement have little freedom.


Dale Ridgeway

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 21, 2002
dont feel too bad,
Im about to recieve a B-stock 16-46 plus that some dummy returned!!:D
Guess it wasnt loud enough....or didnt see what the fuss was all about;)

Chuck Bogie

Second Unit
Jan 14, 2003
Miniguns (of either the .223 or .308 variety) don't produce all that much "bass." In actuality, they sound more like the Jolly Green giant after eating too many legumes...

Now, for pure "thumpin'" bass, you've gotta really appreciate the stuff that's .50 caliber and above...

Why in this mode? I was at Knob Creek this past weekend, up by the line, and someone was firing a HUGE self-loader, that you could seriously feel, above the rest of the line, and I was standing about 30 yards from the line, with a bunch of people between.

Just gotta love www.machinegunshoot.com... But it kinds spoils you for the concept of raw SPL...

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