I really wish i got TCM!

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Jul 6, 2012
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I have always been a fan of older films. they just had more class and art in them. better characters, better actors, better everything. Me and my family went to the beach very recently. I sadly got sick and could not go outside like the others. i had to stay in the hotel and watch TV the whole trip. i found Turner classic movies and could not get enough of it. I watched movies that i could never find in stores, online or anywhere else. sadly, my home cable package does not carry TMC. it used to but the channel was dropped a few years ago. I Really wish i had that channel. i cant just get a knew cable package, because i cannot afford it. i have the cheapest one out there. still i hate the fact that i dont get TMC.


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May 18, 1999
It is a good channel, plus they show most everything in it's original format for those of us without HDTV (my HDTV budget was killed by my laptop dying so it was one or the other).
They're starting to show some newer films which is nice, or else I'm aging way to fast and some of my favorites are now considered old classics.
Hope you can find a way to fit it in your budget. I had the same problem with BBC America, loved the programming but it meant stepping up to the next tier in channels with DISH. Finally bit the bullet and did it because there are so many good shows on that we don't get.
Sadly DISH is filled with about 50% or more of just plain crap, shopping channels, etc. Thankfully you can set up favorite lists and ignore the garbage. I don't know what my DISH package carries, but I bet my viewing is easily less than 20 channels. It's been discussed for years but a la carte is still the way to go. Why pay fees for 200+ channels when 90% of them are garbage you'll never watch.


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Nov 7, 2006
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William Hughes
If I were to resubscribe to a Pay-TV Provider (It would take A-La-Carte Programming and having the "V-Chip" Law apply to Commercials before I would do this) :f, TCM would be one of the HANDFUL of Channels I would chose.

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