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I qot some stupid ones....questions that is. (1 Viewer)


Dec 12, 2008
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So this is where I read that the stupid questions go so I definitely have a couple as I am a complete noob at home audio.

This is the situation....Project Christmas Present.

My wife and I moved to Las Vegas to get a new home while the getting is good and meanwhile I just moved into my Moms Brand new track home that she bought. She purchased a home that the deal fell thru on a couple years ago and got a lot of free upgrades that the previous potential owner installed including a preinstalled prewired surround sound system. Now I know nothing about what kind, and I dont want to ask for the paperwork so I dont ruin the surprise of completing the system for her.

So this is what I am looking at in the room. 1st she a a monsterous 55+" lcd. I bought a polk sub already, and now the problem.

The pre-installed system has no labels....5 speakers with grills at least the same size, with 3 in front slightly in front of the screen and 2 in the rear mounted "slightly" in front of the couches, one on each side of the main couch.

All I have is a prewire cover plate in the wall that is removed to expose the wires needed for the receiver.

So the question is what would I need to complete the system "entirely" to have it up and running on Christmas hopefully? Keep in mind I bought a decent Polk sub and now I need the receiver I do know and whatever cables..ect ect. I also dont know anything about receivers with 5. or 7.1 channels ect. So how many channels would I need for this set-up. Also is a center channel needed or is the one in the ceiling in the center front the center.

So if you can school me a bit I would quite appreciate it as I need to order today for sure delivery before Christmas.

gene c

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Aug 5, 2003
Bay area, Ca
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With 5 speakers and a sub, you need a 5.1 receiver. However, most receivers are 7.1 which isn't a problem because you can turn off the speaker outputs that you aren't using. And yes, the speaker in the center of the ceiling is the center channel speaker, but ceiling mounted center speakers are not very popular around here. Unless it's a very expensive one, it might not sound that great because it's a less than ideal location.

As for which cables, etc. are needed, it depends on what other equipment will be hooked up such as a dvd player, Blu Ray player, game consol, etc. Let us know what you plan to hook up to the receiver and someone will help with the connections.

Most important when advising on a receiver purchase is how much do you want to spent and is a Blu Ray player in the mix. We need to know those two things before we can go any farther.

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