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I need your help(receiver&DVD)??? (1 Viewer)

Travis F

Jun 18, 2001
My dad wants my help and I am turning to you guys since I don't know too much about this stuff yet. My dad is ready to upgrade some parts of his system to keep up with time. Here is a list of some of his stuff...
-Pre Amp: Sony TA-E1000ESD
-Front Amp: B&K ST3030
-Front Speakers: B&W Matrix 804
-Middle Amp: Denon POA-800
-Middle Speaker: B&W (Couldn't find the model number since it was blocked by the speaker holder, but it has two 3ish inch woofers on the outer sides with 2 ports and one tweeter in the upper middle)
-Rear Amp: Sony TA-N55ES
-Rear Speakers: Energy 22.1
-Sub 1: Velodyne F-1500R-B
-Sub 2: MK MX-90
-Projector: Vidikron Crystal One(playing on 100" screen)
I'm sure we need a new pre amp since the one we have can only send Svideo and RCA to the projector, and he wants the latest sound technology since ours only does Dolby 2.0. What pre amps should we look at? What other things do you think we should change or upgrade?
Also he has heard great things about passive scan dvd players and has decided he wants one of those too. Which ones should he look at?
Thanks for all the help!! It's a little overwhelming for me to decide this on my own, and he hasn't been into this stuff for too many years to do it himself.
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Dan Hitchman

Senior HTF Member
Jun 11, 1999
Since it looks like your dad already has some separate power amps, I would have him look to a separate pre-amp/processor instead of another receiver. Much greater flexibility and more likely better sound quality too for a variety of reasons.
If he can wait, I would suggest the Model 950 from Outlaw Audio coming in October. It has full 7.1 surround capabilities. Also includes the latest DTS-ES formats and Dolby ProLogic II, high grade audio DACs, flexible bass management, component/S-Video/composite video switching, on screen programming, and a host of other features (plus software upgradeability!) for only $899! I'm looking to get one myself.
www.outlawaudio.com So far they've pushed the price vs. performance/quality envelope since they sell directly to the consumer. A lot of great reviews of their current stuff.
All he needs is another two channel power amp to drive the rear surround speakers and two other speakers to have the full 7.1 setup. Later on, he should consider matching amps and speakers all around for a more coherent soundstage.
For the DVD player, the Panasonic DVD-RP91 DVD-Video/DVD-Audio progressive scan player (champagne or black color) have gotten great reviews. No MPEG-2 chroma bug (color upscaling banding/noise problem) either! Only around $450 online.
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