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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Trent I, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Apr 19, 2005
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    (when i reread my post before i posted it i noticed it was quit long sorry about that)

    On Monday my old tv picture died (it was a 7-8 year old 36 inch Sony direct view tv) and I need to replace it. I usually would like to have a couple weeks to research a new purchase like this but I don't think I can go that long with out a tv, so I was hoping to get some advise and or opinions from some of the members here.

    I'll start with what I will have connected to it and the approximate percentage of how much time I spend using it.

    1. VHS - older Sony just used for watching recorded show when I wasn't home (less then 1%)
    2. DVD - right now a old Sony, though probably will get a new one with the tv (15% - 20%)
    3. Digital Cable Box - my provider in mediacom and the box is Motorola (60% - 70%)
    4 Play-station 2 - (10% - 15%)

    I do want a HDtv I believe most of the local channels here broadcast in HD. Also my price range is around 2500 or so (less would always be better)

    There are three models that I have looked at in the store, Sony 50we655 & 42we655 and Panasonic pt50lc14 (I have seen some not so good reviews of this but i forgot where and not to sure it was a trust able review site). At another store I also saw a Mitsubishi dlp that I liked but i'm a little scared of dlp because of the rainbow effect I heard about, but I didn't notice it at the store.

    Another thing that has me worried is that I have heard that the LCD RP don't handle non HD very well and I would also be watching allot of that. All three stores that I went to only had a dvd or hd playing, and when i asked if they could switch to a non hd broadcast they said they where not able to.

    I also will mention that I would be setting about 7 feet from the tv.

    Another point i want to add is that the room that it will go in is around only 12 feet wide right now i have my front speakers at just an inch or 2 past 3 feet from the tv and they really can't get much closer to the walls (already a foot from them which probably diminishes the sound a bit). I did contact b&w and they said that it would be ok at 18 inches so that would allow a bigger tv. I would like to know if this is correct (I assume it is if they are saying so just would like a little reassurance). Also one of the salesmen said that you don't have to worry about the speakers causing picture distortion on LCD RP, is that true.

    I am wondering if I should be getting a LCD RP or similar tech or if my usage and viewing space would work better with another direct view tv.

    I would appreciate any advice or opinions anyone can give, on these or other sets (there where some nice Hitachis at one of the stores but I didn't look at them I thought Hitachis where not so good but after reading some posts on here I think I might have been wrong on that.

    Sorry about the length of this post.

  2. John S

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    Nov 4, 2003
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    I'm sold on LCD RP these days... But my budget was CRT RP... [​IMG]
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    Do not rule out Hit and Mits crt projos. They have better picture qualtiy if you can deal with the size/weight. Also great bang for the buck. No $1200 light engines , $400 bulbs to replace, pixels to go out, & color wheels to give smear. If your only reason not looking at them is burn in..read the burn faq thread.
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    that's true, speakers will not affect the new microdisplay RP TVs (LCD, DLP...)

    I've seen the 42we655 and viewing from a cable source is fine, not as good as CRT though.

    Thats B.S. though that the store you went to said they couldn't show you an SD source.

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