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I need some help setting up DD-EX (1 Viewer)

Ed Faver

Second Unit
Jul 30, 1999
I have an Elite VSX-37TX. IN order to take advantage of the 7.1 feature, I need to use a second amp for the back surround. I want to try this out using the old Elite as the second amp. I need some guidance on the wiring. The manual only indicates where to go out from the 37TX. What do I input to on the 2nd amp? Which speaker terminals do I connect to on the second amp?

Any suggestions?



Second Unit
Apr 16, 2002
If the old Elite is a receiver, 2 channel, it might

have something on the back called, "Main in" and "pre-out"

which means you can break the amp-preamp chain in it and

use it's internal amp. You'd just plug your rear-centre

channel output from the new Elite into the "main ins" on

your old one and you'd use the speaker outputs on the

old amp to power your rear centre channel speaker.

If it's an older surround receiver, it may still have

"main ins" which you can use. Some older surround

pre-amps had these "main ins" in addition to the

regular, volume-controlled inputs for CDs, phonos, tape

decks, etc. If you don't have a main in, you could simply

plug in your centre outputs from your new Elite into

any of the inputs for those other devices. You'd then select it as the output device on the old receiver

and you would have to work with the old Elite's volume

control and centre rear output control on your new

Elite to obtain the level you need from the rear-centre

speaker. You might experience some noise if you are forced

to do it this way since the old analog source will no

doubt add some noise. You may also have "gain" problems.

Hopefully, the old Elite has a main input.

Lastly, you can either plug the centre rear output

connector into only one input on your receiver (either a

left or right channel input) but this could (but may not)

cause some problems because the old receiver expected to

receive dual inputs, L and R, just like from any old

stereo source like a CD player. If your new Elite features

dual rear-centre outputs, use them both, plug them into

the left-right channel main inputs on the old receiver.

If your new Elite does not have dual outputs, then you

can use an RCA 1 to 2 splitter (Radio Shack) and then

it will match with the left-right stereo component input

on the old receiver.

Good luck!

Frank Zimkas

Supporting Actor
Mar 10, 2002
Hey Ed,

Nice to see another Elite owner posting! I bought the Elite amp for my system instead of using my old (3 yr) Yamaha receiver to drive my rear channels. Sounds incredible and a much cleaner setup to show off. If you don't have a SPL meter yet, get one! I was suprised at the improvement in the soundfield of my system after I calibrated the right way.

Make sure you post again and let us know how you like the sound with the rear channel working.

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