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I need recommendations on "BRIGHT" sounding amps and receivers.... (1 Viewer)

Kevin Alexander

Apr 17, 1999
Yes, I prefer what many of you run away from. My listening tastes lean more towards 80-85% HT and 15-20% Music listening. I am of the few that love a tinge of brightness for my HT listening and especially music. I absolutely despise dull sounding upper frequencies that are typical w/ what many characterize as a "warm" sound. The only receiver that ever had the best of both worlds in terms of HT and music is the Sony DA777ES receiver which many (including professional reviewers) refer to as the best multi-channel receiver ever made. As a former owner, I happen to agree. Anyway, I will be replacing my Yamaha receiver w/ another receiver to handle preamp duties w/ my Acurus A125X5 amp. I am looking at the Harman Kardon AVR320, Sony DA5ES, or possibly another Yamaha receiver. I am really interested in the HK and Sony. I know the Sony will sound fine, but what about the preamp section of the HK AVR320? Will it give me the sound I'm looking for? Either way, and just for future reference, what gear from your personal experience would you refer to as being definately bright? And don't forget to comment on the HK AVR 320. Thanks.


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 30, 2001
I own the AVR 320, and although i would not characterize it as "bright", i would not say it was warm, either, simply the most "neutral" receiver I have ever owned. when i get it back from warranty service i will probably put it up for sale in the proper forum (i can't stand the looks of it anymore).

i think that the amp you choose/have chosen will make much more of a difference on the "brightness" of the sound than the processor. Your main speakers will also make much more of a difference than the processor. I don't think you need to worry about the brightness or warmness of a receiver if you are going to use it as a pre/pro since most of the "flavor" of a receiver is in the amp stage.

Chu Gai

Senior HTF Member
Jun 29, 2001
assuming you're not going to change your room in any way, why not use your tone controls or consider equalization?

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