I need help to select multi ch amps and sub !

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by alfredo, Sep 28, 2003.

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    My goal is to reach a fair performance for for 7.1 HT, MC and stereo music in my new HT.

    This is what I have already bought:
    Speakers: Reference v.3 for a 7.1 speaker config: Studio 100 v.3 as fronts, CC570 v.3 center, ADP 470 v.3 sides, Studio 40 v.3 rears.
    Processor: Lexicon MC-1
    DVD Player: Rotel RDV 1060
    Projector: NEC HT-1000

    The two pending things to buy are the multi channel amp(s) and the sub(s)

    Based on local support, size of the units (i have limited depth space) and 220 volt availability (this is an issue living in south America, I have these options:

    i.-For multichannel amps (although not all of them cost the same, the decision should be 100% based on expected performance)

    option 1. Aragon 2007 (7x200w)

    option 2. Aragon 2005(5x200w) for center and rears + Aragon 3002(2x300) for the fronts.

    option 3. Rotel RMB1095 (5x200w)for center and rears + Rotel RB1090 (2x380w) for the fronts.

    ii.- For the sub(s):

    option 1: Servo 15 by Paradigm, 1 or 2?
    option 2: Powered Cylinders by SVS, any model, 1 or 2?

    if you know of any other options in the same price range and have 220 volt options please advise.

    for the purpose of your recommendations, please consider I will have to buy those items WITHOUT pre-audition them since I live in another continent. Please also assume budget was not a factor as long as I do not exceed US$ 5K total for both: amp(s) and sub(s). I would like to base final decision 100% on expected performance as per your valuable advise.

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    How about a Parasound Halo amp?


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