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Mike H Wizard

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 7, 2002
Hi Everyone,

I am not sure what I should get first more Speakers for the front or a JBL Subwoofer.

Here is my scenario: My wife and I just bought a new townhome and we will be closing in July...

The living room size is 15'x16'

So far I have:

JBL N-Center for the front center
JBL N-24's for my rear surrounds
KLH 8" Subwoofer
KLH Floor Standing Speakers for my front left and right speakers...

I only have about a $200 limit for either 1 set of speakers or for a subwoofer...

1. One of my questions is with a room size of 15'x16' would the PB12 be overkill?

2. Would the PB10 work just fine in that room size or would I be missing out on anything?

Any suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you in advance,


Mike Strassburg

Second Unit
Nov 4, 2001
I would definitely go with the PB-12. Better than the 10" by far and a sub will make the biggest improvement to your system.

I remember my "pre-sub" days. I had a Pioneer Pro Logic receiver with some JBL towers for mains and small KLH monitors for surrounds. It was neat at first but not very impressive. Then I added an AudioSource 12" sub and the diff was night & day. Of course the sickness took over and now I have 6 towers and a dual Tempest sonosub for a 6.1 set-up.

Good luck...Mike

Paul Clarke

Supporting Actor
Jan 29, 2002
I agree with Mike. I own the PB10 and love it but my place is a small townhome and my living/listening main room is 11'x17' with a fair amount of furniture and bookcases. I chose the 10 because I like my neighbors a great deal and I didn't need more at the time. But it is always smarter to 'buy for tomorrow' if you can. The 12 would be a smarter purchase in the long run. You can always turn it down. ;)
Hey Mike,
I'm seriously starting down that tower collection road myself...now if I just had the room. :D


Second Unit
May 13, 2002
IMO $200 will net you a decent sub but you won't find a good set of main speakers for that price.
I'd spend the money on a sub. BTW, I auditioned the JBL PB10 against an Acoustic Research S112PS and bought the A.R. It's got a 120W amp and a 12" woofer. It does a good job, for now... If you can find one, give it a listen. I paid about $180 for mine.
Good luck!

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