I need advice on which sub to choose. Experiences are welcome.

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  1. Tor Arne

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    Aug 17, 2001
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    Which is better for music? REL Strata III, B&W ASW-2500 or Audiovector M-Sub Signatur?
    REL Strata III:
    Pressure chamber. Gets a lot of praise but is just a little too big. But if the bass is good enough. [​IMG]
    B&W ASW-2500:
    Pressure chamber. Reviews say it's superfast (I suppose that means it's good for music). Size is tiny and it's B&W (I am a little biased). [​IMG]
    Audiovector M-Sub Signatur:
    Slave driver (I like). Looks the part. Dealers claim it's one of the more musical subs. Size is perfect. [​IMG]
    I'm not worried about HT-performance because I don't need to "rock the walls". My front speakers are CDM7-NT, soon to be joined by CDMC-NT and two CDM1-NTs. [​IMG]
    Picture of my setup so far:
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    Of the ones you have listed, I have only had experience with the B&W sub. It is a solid performer, but won't go as deep as some more expensive subs(of course you said you didn't need to "rock the house").
    Have you thought about building one yourself?
    There is alot of great info. in the Advanced/DIY section. I would never go back to a pre-built sub, but if I ever did I would get an SVS sub. They're built by DIY'ers without many of the compromises and costs associated with a traditional consumer sub.
    BTW, nice choice on the speakers. I have(CDM 9NTs, CDMC SE, and B&W 602s). [​IMG]
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