I need a Portable Sirius solution

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Philippe Kline, May 31, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, please don't hate me for rehashing a topic that's been covered, but I'm just feeling frustrated today... Can you guys help me out w/a list of portable Sirius options and what's required?

    Here's all I need:

    - Ability to listen to Sirius in my car(s), hooked up to my HT (w/gooood audio, ideally), and potentially hooked up to something at work.
    - Reasonable cost; I'd like to keep it ~100, but I can probably push my budget up to $150 if absolutely necessary; getting Sirius in my car is the #1 goal right now, though (I can buy more docking stations/kits later on.)

    - I'm living in an Apt and have been told that I can't really have anything installed on the house (dishes, antennas, etc...)
    - I don't need to be able to have Sirius playing simultaneously at all these locations, so a portable (plug 'n' play/multiple docking stations) solution would be ideal.
    - As far as installation... I really need something simple that doesn't involve any drilling or wiring in my car(s.)

    ...that should be it, I think. Can anyone help me out?
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    Look at the sportster replay and a dock. While you can't mount anything to the roof, generally if you can sit it on your window sill or something similar you can get decent signal (at least I can).

    But the sportster replay is movable, can easily go from car to your house, and has about the right cost. The New Version 4 units are out, so you can get one of those or pick up one of the older units probably at a pretty steep discount.

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