I need a little advice on connection runs,-type & distance

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by gordonK, Aug 10, 2005.

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    About to close in and drywall and need to put my wires and connections in. First question is,- what connections should I use? I have the BenQ PE770 projector and the Onkyo TX NR901 receiver. Don't have the Tivo, DirectTV, X-box and DVD player yet but will be adding them soon.

    On the back of my BenQ it has connections for:

    component video input (RCA)
    RGB/HDTV input component (BNC)
    Composite video input (RCA)
    S-Video input (mini DIN 4-pin)
    RS-232C input (for servicing)
    HDMI input

    Do I run cables for some of these? All of these? Or is that overkill and only need to run one or two? I installed a large junction box in the ceiling next to where the projector will mount. I can easily tuck away any extra or unused cable and connections in there.

    The distance the runs will be are 20 feet. Any suggestions on what brand of cable to purchase for this (decent quality but not throwing money away).

    Thanks ahead for any advice.
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    Hi Gordon.

    You have to realize that the pain of running wires in-wall will swamp the cost of the wires - so extra is better.

    If you could manage it - 2-3" flexable conduit with a fish-rope so you can pull more wire later is a great idea.

    Short of that: contact BlueJeansCables.com and get the following:

    - 1 set of component cables (~$70)
    - 1 svideo cable (~$50)
    - 1 Composite cable (~$20)

    You can have him put BNC connectors on the projector end, and RCA plug on the other end of the component cable.

    Check your manual - I believe you can send normal Component video to those BNC jacks. If not, you might want to invest in some "BNC-to-RCA-Male" adaptors so you can toggle between the two inputs. Not as nice as having separate cables, but it would work.

    I ... hesitate to suggest a HDMI cable that long. I think you can get them - but try and keep the digital cables away from the other (analog) cables.

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