I need a High pass with mono sub out?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Bob Sisson, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Not quite Home theater, but I figure if anyone will know it will be this group...

    I want to add a Sub woofer to my StereoStone outdoor speakers. These are the BIG outdoor rock speakers. They sound good now, but I want to take the SUB out of them and put that into a dedicated outdoor sub...

    No problem so far...

    Problem is I have a pure stereo Source, and I want to take 2.0 and turn it into 2.1..... I can do a conventional crossover, but that gives me STEREO sub... I only want MONO... I don't want to use a dual coil sub and have it fight its self.

    Anyone know of a simple (read inexpensive) way to extract the LFE out of a standard stereo signal and pass through everything else...(2 in 3 out)

    Oh yes...line level please... I have a stereo power (PA) amp feeding the speakers now, I want to "intercept" the inputs, extract the LFE and feed it to a bridged amp for the Sub and have everything else continue on to the current amp.

    PS..outdoors is fun... but takes LOTS of power... I have a 2000W (no not RMS, PA people rate their stuff weird) stereo PA amp and it is OK... but my speakers are 75' apart...talk about separation... and no reflective surfaces, some echo from the house next door, but that doesn't really count...

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    The Rekhorn F1 from CSS sounds like what you want.

    A DVC sub would not fight itself. Most sub-bass signals are mono anyway.

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