I may have bought my last Silverline DVD-Audio disc!!!!

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    With the major influx of new DVD-Audio titles on the Silverline label, there were a few I wanted to try. Being a big reggae music lover I picked up the Dennis Brown DVD-A and the Wailing Souls DVD-A. In addition, I "wasted" my money on the Lynyrd Skynyrd "Then and Now" release.

    All of these Silverline releases I mention above give DVD-Audio a bad name. Let me explain:

    1) The Wailing Souls is an abomination. It is a 5.1 mix, which truly sounds like "electonically processed" surround. To add to that the drums swirl from left front to right front, in such a way that when listening I actually got dizzy. I know the drums don't do this on the CD release of the same music. Overall a very shoddy re-mix and poor implementation of the DVD-Audio format. Oh, the sound - worse than a redbook CD (and this is with 96/24 surround). Needless to say there is no dedicated stereo mix, but I knew that going in.

    2) The Dennis Brown fairs better. Crisp, clean sonics - on par with redbook CD - but really no better. The kicker is that this mix is mostly 96/24 4-channel - with a very weird mix to the rear speakers - again almost like they remastered this title from a 2-channel source instead of any multitrack tapes. In fact the 4-channel mix sounds more like stereo than surround - not a bad thing - but for less money I could have purchased the same title on CD (which is a double CD with more tracks than the DVD-A). The really weird thing is that one song, all of a sudden, pops up in 96/24 5.1 channel surround - sounding out of place with the rest of the DVD-A disc. What was Silverline thinking.

    3) I vowed to never buy another Silverline disc again unless I read a review first - but my curiousity got the best of me. I purchased the Lynyrd Skynryd title that was released yesterday - and the sound is terrible - with a capital T. This is all music from the more recent 1997- 1999 incarnation of Skynyrd - which isn't a bad thing, but the 5.1 mix done by Ken Calait is bad, very bad. The bass is overbearing, the sonics sound hollow and muddy, and sound worse than anything I have heard in recent memory. Stay away - and I mean far away. A poor CD-R copy of this album probably would sound better. Included on this DVD-A is a live video of Simple Man (I assume from the Lyve at Steeltown DVD-Video) and the sound which is presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital sounds far superior to anything included on the 96/24 six channel DVD-Audio track.

    Well - Silverline - goodbye. You are giving DVD-Audio a bad name and will help kill off the format which is languishing terribly right now anyway.

    If releases like those above keep coming out - and at $20 - $25 a pop, the folks on Audio Asylum's hi-rez board will be doing the "I told you so" dance in the front row at the next SACD convention.
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    Michael, thanks for the reviews. As you may know, I have boycotted Silverline's DVD-Audio discs solely because they refuse to include dedicated stereo mixes. Now you have given me even more reason to ignore their titles. The real kicker is that while Warner has lowered the prices of its DVD-Audio discs, Silverline's are still fully priced. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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