I know this is a stupid question...

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by chris sci, May 27, 2006.

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    This is a stupid question but I am very frustrated and did not know who to ask.
    I just got my first plasma screen the other day and decided to try and mount it myself. It is 42 inches and weighs 70 pounds.
    I am trying to mount it over my gas fireplace which is boxed by 3/4 inch wood paneling. I tried finding the studs with my normal stud finder but was not successful. I then tried hammering a smaller nail through several areas where the panels meet where the hole would be hidden. That also gave me inconsistent results. I then went and bought a "deep scanning" stud finder which again goes off all over the place or not at all and with little consistency. I then resorted to drilling small holes around and some times hit something solid after going through the 3/4 inch panel and most times hit nothing afterward, even going up and down the same vertical I would hit then not hit something deeper.
    I have researched for hours other ways to find studs but nothing seems to work. I was told by the condo manager there is studs back there at 16 on center. So I have two main questions:
    1. Any ideas on finding the studs.
    2. Can I just rely on the 3/4 inch wood panels with (9) 2 1/2 inch screws. Or even try molly anchors or related hardware?
    Would anybody feel comfortable doing that with a plasma?

    I immensely appreciate any input.
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    Most houses today are built 16" on center, which means that there is a 2x4 every 16 inches, find one and measure 16 inches and there should be another.
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    If it is indeed 3/4 paneling then that will definitely work (paneling is screwed into 2x4s, right?). To finds studs I just tap the wall and listen for the pitch change (or you'll feel the wall become more solid).

    Molly anchors will also work (min. of 4).

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