I just picked up and installed a really cool product I got at Radio Shack...

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    John Williamson
    I went to Radio Shack and picked up this product that is basically 5' of hollow black plastic tubing designed to organize and conceal the wiring behind my system and boy, did I need it, it was a mess back their! [​IMG]

    I installed them last night and it looks great, makes my wiring job look professional and just eliminates tangles. The stuff was only 6 bucks for 5' and I bought two of them, I ended up using all 10' of it in the end. You can also cut it down to custom lengths with an ordinary pair of scissors.

    Has anyone else done this? I highly recommend it if not. [​IMG]
  2. Lynn Johnson

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    Dec 12, 2001
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    Hi John,

    I'm looking to pick up some of this stuff, as I am badly in need of some cable management. What is the diameter of the stuff you used? I'm thinking I'll need something wider than the 3/4" stuff they have at Radio Shack. Or maybe I'll just use multiple flexcord...good ideas though.
  3. Bob McElfresh

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    Yep. I have all my power cords bundled with this spiral wrap. Good hardware stores carry it and even Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    Just remember you want 3 separate bundles:

    - Power cords
    - Speaker Wires
    - Interconnects

    Do not mix cables of these 3 different types together or you could have some interference issues.
  4. Christopher Lyn

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    Jan 1, 2002
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    I use tubing from Home Depot...they have all kinds, some in bulk.
  5. Geoff L

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    Dec 9, 2000
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    Used allot of it on installs for many of my friends systems.

    Can get it in about 5 colors besides Black and Off-White and in sizes from 3/8" up to 2"....

    Have to by a min of 25' but it's super cheap.... I will give a link when I can remember where I bought it. Still using the two 100' rolls of 1" in Black and White I bought about a year and half ago. The Off-White when run along your typical painted Egg Shell white wall, is nearly invisable.

    As noted dose a nice job, easy to work with, cheap, can add another cable into it at any time, and cuts with good ole scissors.

    There is also some nice braided velcro raps in sizes that are rel nce but a little pricer. Available in allot of colors and sizes also. It expands about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of it's diameter also.

    Bob M. makes a "very good point" on routing cables, especialy if your using the standard (comes in the product box type). Sheilding is not to good on these. Noise problems, humming, etc can be a real problem in some systems when mixing the cables all together.


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