I just ordered my first Tivo!!!

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    Nov 30, 1998
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    I'm still a little skeptical. My wife thinks its gonna be a waste of money however I couldn't pass up the deal. Being a p/t best buy employee I came across a deal they were offering us. Pay for the 199.00 lifetime service and tivo would send a 30 hour sony unit for free.
    Is the set-up difficult? Tivo informed me that I will not have to activate the machine, they will do that prior to shipping.
    Is there a post or list somewhere that I can read all about the little shortcuts and neat things it can do?
  2. Scott Dautel

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    Oct 6, 1998
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    That deal is almost too good to be true! TiVo is, bar none, the best and most useful electronic device I've bought since my PC. I even put it above my beloved DVD player(s).
    I have no doubts that, inside of 2 weeks, your wife will concede that you were right. My wife hates just about everything new and is particularly skeptical of new electronic "toys". Our TiVo is 3 months old and she's been singing its praises to everyone for the past 2.75 months.
    I'm fully convinced that PDR's will eventually become as commonplace as the VCR. You should be bragging about the free $400.00 you just got from BB!
    Be sure to report back on your brides unavoidable turnabout!
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    Don't be skeptical, you and your wife are going to love this thing. Unless you don't like TV, and then you may convert. I spent 600 for my first 30 hour TiVo w/lifetime sub, and it was worth it. My wife didn't get it at first, but after we had it awhile, she suggested getting a second one. We now have a 30 and a 60 hour unit, and couldn't be happier. I very seldom watch live TV anymore, and when I want to sit and relax, I get to watch what I want, not what some network exec wants me to watch.
    The setup is pretty straight forward, it comes with a guide, but the onscreen guides you right along. You need a phone line to set it up, so if you haven't got one nearby, you may want to install one before it gets there. TiVo also makes a call every day to update guide data. The setup call is toll free, and the daily calls are to a local number. If there isn't a local number in your area, TiVo can give you a toll free number for daily calls, but you have to contact them to get permission.
    TiVo web site may be able to answer any other questions you may have.
    199 dollars, IMO you got a great deal. You and yours are going to start enjoying TV in a whole new way.
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