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    My SVS 20-39Pci is on the way. I ordered it Friday morning, received an email 30 minutes later that it would likely ship that day, and an email later in the day, confirming it had indeed shipped.


    My old, display model [manufacturer name withheld] subwoofer is the final (and glaring) weak link in my setup—no more of its wretched snap, crackle, pop.

    I have a feeling that the 20-29Pci will knock my socks off.

    Thanks to all on this forum for your insights and sharing. When I went to replace my fritz’d H/K receiver I found this web site and from quietly hanging around and listening in at the various forums, I learned a great deal and was guided to the following new purchases:

    Main Speakers – Paradigm Studio 40s
    Center Channel – Paradigm Studio CC
    Surround Speakers – Paradigm ADPs
    Subwoofer – SVS 20-39Pci

    And my choice of the Denon 3803 was confirmed a sound one, (esp. considering that I will be using it as a pre/ pro in the end with separate amps).

    My setup is now as follows:

    ·Player - Sony DVP-S530D
    ·TV - Hitachi Ultravision 50
    ·Receiver/ Processor – Denon 3803*
    ·Main Speakers – Paradigm Studio 40s*
    ·Center Channel – Paradigm Studio CC*
    ·Surround Speakers – Paradigm ADPs*
    ·Subwoofer – SVS 20-39Pci*

    I’m still happy with my TV and will be keeping it for at least another year or so.
    But I will be purchasing separate amps for the five speakers.

    I just want to say thank you to the forum and its contributors.

    It’s a rare and special place where users can discuss a subject so potentially emotionally charged as high-end audio video equipment (where passions run high and opinions and tastes are so subjective) without a lot of vitriol and name-calling. Rather, the posts are almost always thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, helpful, and (maybe most importantly) friendly.

    Thanks again, esp. to those who have generously posted about SVS, Paradigm, and Denon.


    Ps. I will share my feelings/ review the Studio 40’s, CC, and ADP soon, and the SVS as well, after it arrives and is broken in.
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    Can't say enough about SVS....that is a great sub...you'll absolutely love it...get out the calibration software right away[​IMG] SVS kicks a$s...no questions asked! they have offered/delivered me such a great product, why would I switch now? one word: won't! have fun! tl

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