I just had the Best Online 2K3 Yet

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Scarpa, Aug 30, 2002.

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    David Scarpa
    Back and forth the whole game I come back with .58 seconds left to take a 3 point lead and on the next possession I intercept a kill the clock taking a knee with two timeouts left. I Love this Game !
  2. Todd Terwilliger

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    Feb 18, 2001
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    Great game. Unfortunately, my first game was unbelievable for the first half until my opponent quit on me. I was playing Madden 2003, Raiders at the Jets (me).

    The Raiders started out with the ball but I forced them to go 3 and out and punt. First play off of scrimmage, I go for a deep playaction pass and Woodson picks it off. Fortunately, my D is grounding the Raiders' attack so I get the ball with good position to drive it down the field and score to go up 7-0.

    The Raiders' next position, they are able to move the ball a bit but they quickly stall and punt. They stack the line against Martin (who I'd been running very effectively) and I audible to a pass, calling a hot route for Coles that sends him on a deep route. He calls an audible to defend but I still get the ball to Coles in the end zone to go up 14-0.

    The Raiders, with the ball again, manage to move the ball to about mid-field before stalling again. On fourth and short (catching me in punt formation), he tries to run a QB sneak with Gannon but he gets jammed, trying to push up the middle and fumbles. Jets recover.

    Using heavy doses of Martin, I work the ball downfield to score again, Martin taking the handoff and hitting paydirt. The Raiders could not stop him so far. I was routinely breaking out 8+ yard runs to either side of center. Martin takes it into the endzone: Jets up 21-0.

    With a bit less than 2 minutes left, the Raiders go into their hurry-up offense and have great success, slicing through the Jets secondary with both Rice and Brown and score with 10 seconds left in the half. The black and gray are now on the board: Jets 21, Raiders 7.

    I get the ball back with 4 seconds left and decide to run Martin inside the strong-side tackle with all three receivers on the weak-side. The Raiders buy the weak-side threat and, unbelievably, I'm able to run 71 yards for the score.

    Halftime: Jets 28, Raiders 7.

    Second Half

    The Jets get the ball to start and roll right down the field, pushing the ball across the goalline with the now unstoppable Curtis Martin to go up 35 to 7.

    The Raiders now begin to panick. Working exclusively out of the split back formation, Gannon goes to an all-passing attack. After picking up 2 first downs (the last on a 4th down throw), they're ground to a halt around midfield, 4th and 10. The Raiders try another illadvised 4th down attempt, again out of the split-back formation. Gannon rolls left but can't find anyone down field and throws a pass to no one in particular.

    The Raiders quit.

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