I just got the Outlaw 7100...


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Jun 15, 2000
And I really like it. It replaced an ATI 1505 amp. I needed two more channels or amplification, as I'm moving and now can do a full-on 7.1 setup. And I didn't need all the power of the ATI, so the Outlaw 7100 seemed on paper to be perfect. And it just about is. Paired with my Anthem AVM-20, it's a great combo.
How's it differ from the ATI? Well, it seems less raw. Maybe that's because I'm giving up 60 watts per channel (ATI: 225 into my 4 ohm speakers; Outlaw: 165 into 4 ohms). Or maybe the Outlaw just seems a tad more refined. Not sure it makes a difference which way I say it, but things seem to image better with the Outlaw. For example, delicate guitar stuff, like some Spanish guitar works, seem more ... there with the Outlaw. Voices seem a little more intelligible. I understood words in songs I hadn't before. And the Outlaw goes plenty loud enough. More than I need. In short, it's a hell of a bargain, and I don't feel like I'm doing my Anthem a disservice by using the Outlaw for power, which was one of my concerns in pairing a $3500 pre/pro with a $900 amp.

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