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I just bought my first big screen TV, the Toshiba 51HX83 and I have some questions (1 Viewer)


Jul 8, 2003
well this is my first major TV purchase so did I pick out a good TV? I tried to do my research and came to this conclusion, would you guys recommend this TV and do you think its a good one? Also, I bought it at Futureshop (in Canada), and they are saying I should buy the warranty which is $280 for 3 years or $399 for 5. The reason being, is that they say you need to get a technician once a year to realign the guns, which if you did it once a year for 3 years it would be cheaper to get the warranty. Also he said that without the warranty the TV is covered for 1 year, but if you want to get your TV adjusted you would have to ship your TV somewhere instead of a technician coming over to your house
Is he just full of it, or do I actually have to get the "guns" realigned? If so, can I do it myself or where would I have to get it done? And is it possible to go 2 years without getting the guns realigned? I figured that warranties are just cash in their pocket but with this gun aligning thing I'm not sure if I should skip out on it.

I dont know much about rear-projection TVs but with CRT's they last a LONG time, heck my 27 inch Toshiba is still going after nearly 20 years! So if I dont need to get my guns aligned, what are the chances of the TV crapping out after a few years? And would you recommend I get the warranty?

Hmmm and people that own this TV, do all models of this TV have that white line everyone is talking about? Or is it just a defection for some of them?


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Oct 20, 1999
I have a Toshiba TW56X81 (56 inch widescreen HDTV) that I bought in December 1999. I've had no problems with it, the picture is still bright and looks good.

I'm not a big fan of extended warranties, they mostly exist to add extra profit for the dealer. You don't need to have the guns aligned by a service tech, you can do that from the remote, it's called convergence. If you want to go farther you can buy AVIA or Video Essentials on DVD and do a lot tweaking yourself. Having said all that, if the price is $399 Canadian for 5 years, that's not too bad as long as it covers all repairs and not just "adjustments" or gun "alignment".

Anyway, you got a good TV. Sit back and enjoy it!

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